As the hot weather hopefully continues as the summer months roll round in the UK, people may not want to spend as much time inside preparing their final tasty meal of the day. For that reason, I’ve come up with a list of the best salads that are easy to do and are a refreshing dinner to enjoy outside.

Feta and watermelon

Fruit and cheese may not be everybody’s cup of tea but, rest assured, this sweet and tangy mix will go down a storm at any BBQ or summer party, or just as a light dinner for one.

Simply cube your juicy watermelon, alongside some cubed or crumbled tangy feta. These two tastes complement each other greatly, so you should 100% give this a go.

Chargrilled prawn, lime and cucumber

This will be a salad with a bit more of a punch and can be adapted if you like spice and flavour with your food.

Simple steps include grilling your prawns through until slightly crispy on the outside, then shave some cucumber, squeeze with lime and enjoy! this has protein, fruit, and vegetables so is a salad on the healthier side of the menu.

Grilled peach salad with burrata

For those cheese lovers out there this salad is for you, grill your peaches until golden brown, placing them on a bed of rocket, and then adding on your creamy burrata. The blended flavours of bitter salad, sweet peach, and creamy cheese will not disappoint.

Strawberry balsamic salad

This can be added with many different extras such as avocado, pecans, and tomatoes. This is the definition of summer in a bowl and will be a crunchy yet fruity salad to enjoy on a sunny evening.

Hopefully, the weather is good and bright enough this summer to give some of these tasty salads a go.

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