Royal Mint UK has unveiled a new set of coins marking the first official effigy of King Charles III that will soon come into circulation.

The new effigy was announced on September 30, and the Royal Mint also announced a new £5 coin would be released one with portraits of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The memorial coin collection, set to be released on October 3, provides King Charles III with his first official effigy while honouring the life and legacy of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. 

King Charles III Coins

The coins were designed by British sculptor Martin Jennings and were approved by King Charles III.

Jennings had the following to say about working with His Majesty The King during this process: ‘I was delighted to hear that The King likes the image. He was very interested in it and responded very positively to it. It has been very gratifying to be involved in this important process.’

Last Queen Elizabeth II coins

The new £5 coin features two new portraits of Queen Elizabeth II – showing a younger image of the monarch as well as an older one. The coin was designed by artist John Bergdahl.

These coins mark the historic succession from one monarch to another – Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was particularly incredible given that she is the longest reigning British monarch. In line with tradition, King Charles III’s portrait will face the opposite direction (to the left) to that of his mother’s – a tradition which sees the monarch’s portrait facing the opposite way to that of their predecessor.

Including both King Charles III’s portrait as well as that of Queen Elizabeth II’s allows for the nation to welcome the new monarch as well as honouring and showing respect to the late monarch.

Although the new coins will begin circulating very soon, it may be a while before you start to see them in your wallet. As reported by Sky News, some coins may start to be seen in October whereas the new commemorative 50p coin will likely only appear in people’s change from December.

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