Scraps Or Battered Bits: The Debate That's Taking Over Twitter
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Scraps Or Battered Bits: The Debate That's Taking Over Twitter

Tamzin Meyer March 11, 2022

Food name debates will always be controversial and often depend on which part of the country you live in. We’ve all been divided over whether we call bread rolls baps or cobs but now there’s a new debate on the block. You know those crispy, leftover pieces of batter that you can get in a chippie? What do you call them? Well, the nation is unsure of what the correct answer is. Looking at Twitter, the debate on whether they are called scraps or battered bits is one that shows no signs of being resolved.

At the time of writing, the origin tweet has over 2,500 replies. So it is fair to say that lots of people have an opinion on this one.

An Innocent Question

This person probably had no idea that this innocent question would blow up on Twitter, causing some great divisions up and down the country. I call them battered bits and really didn’t ever know that this was up for debate

Some Interesting Responses

The tweet that spawned this debate is still going strong, so it looks like this discussion is going to stretch into the weekend and beyond.

Considering that it’s Friday – traditional Fish and Chip day in many places across the country – now is as good a time as any to have your say.

Scraps or battered bits? You decide!

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