Sheffield University Twins With Renowned Ukrainian Institute
People holding Ukrainian flag and protesting against Russian invasion in Ukraine in streets.
Street protest against war in Ukraine in town square.

Sheffield University Twins With Renowned Ukrainian Institute To Provide Support For Staff And Students

Ella Kipling August 13, 2022

The University of Sheffield has twinned with Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) in Ukraine, as part of a scheme coordinated by Universities UK and International Cormack Consultancy Group which aims to prevent ‘brain drain.’

KPI is known for its outstanding teaching and research excellence in engineering and is rated highly in computer and information sciences.

Since February, 12 students have died in the conflict in Ukraine, and many students, teachers, and employees have been left without their own homes. A recent survey revealed that more than 1,600 KPI students and more than 500 academics have now left Ukraine.

Sheffield University donates £20,000 to Ukrainian institution

Sheffield University is donating £20,000 to help repair and resupply air raid shelters on KPI’s campus, and is also donating key IT and laboratory equipment such as high performance computers and sharing its library facilities.

The university and KPI have launched 13 different workstreams and ‘are working together to identify other areas in which Sheffield can help now and in the future.’ Academics at each institution in similar fields are being matched up so that research can continue at KPI.

Vice-rector for International Relations at KPI, Professor Sergii Sydorenko, said: ‘The decision by the University of Sheffield to donate £20,000 for the reconstruction of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute air-raid shelters is not only humanitarian, but it also has a significant political dimension in the context of the incredible amount of Britain’s assistance to Ukraine in this war.’

‘We’re looking forward to developing this work further’

Sheffield’s English Language Teaching Centre is helping staff and students at KPI learn English, which they deem ‘a key language for international research and collaboration.’ Meanwhile, Sheffield Students’ Union is supporting KPI’s Students’ Union.

Professor Malcolm Butler, Vice-President for Global Engagement at the University of Sheffield, explained that it is ‘essential’ to help staff and students at Ukrainian universities not just with short-term assistance but also with building ‘long lasting ties through collaboration and exchange.’

‘We’ve already made good progress working together with our friends at KPI and we’re looking forward to developing this work further,’ Professor Butler said.

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