Should You Buy A University Kitchen Bundle?
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Should You Buy A University Kitchen Bundle?

Caitlin Hart August 30, 2022

Buying everything you need for university can be a huge task and you are bound to forget something. This is why university kitchen bundles have increased in popularity in recent years. They take out the hassle and include everything you could need, from plates, to pans to baking trays.

You can get bundles from high street shops such as Argos or Ikea, or there are online companies such as Noah that will deliver your bundle directly to your accommodation.

Right call?

So should you buy a kitchen bundle? They remove the hassle of shopping and make sure you are fully equipped to begin cooking for yourself.

However, they can also be quite expensive. Ikea’s bundle comes in at £99 and contains all of the essentials for a student kitchen. This includes plates, pans, baking trays, cutlery and utensils. Noah’s bundle is very similar and also comes in at £99.

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If you were to head to a cheap home store such as Wilko, The Range or even Ikea and purchase everything you need separately, it would come out a lot cheaper. Most basic kitchen utensils, glasses and plates can be bought for £1-£2 a piece.

Even bigger items like pans can be purchased on a budget. This also gives you some more flexibility, meaning that you can choose your own colours and style and leave out any items that you won’t need.

Expensive option

The bundles are handy at hand-picking everything that you might need, but ultimately aren’t worth the money.

If you move in to university tomorrow and still haven’t picked anything out, they make a brilliant last minute buy. Otherwise stick to creating your own kitchen set. Take a look at the bundles content list and use this as a shopping list.

It will certainly be a lot cheaper and a little more stylish.

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