Should You Get An Academic Planner?
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Should You Get An Academic Planner?

Francesca Herring September 30, 2022

As you begin your time at university, life can be pretty hectic for a while. Especially if you’re a fresher. Whether it’s meeting new friends, going on a study date, or having an assignment due, life is about to get pretty crazy. The key to controlling the crazy? A planner. You may already be a planner, or perhaps you stick everything in your phone calendar. But life as a student is about to get busy. So, why not try an academic planner?

What’s an academic planner?

An academic planner lets you plan your life with university in mind. Now that you’re a student, your life will revolve around studying. You still have to have a life outside of that though. But, with an academic planner, you can do that! 

Most academic planners will have a section designated for your university commitments. For example, a timetable to track your lectures or seminars. You’ll have space to jot down when assignments are due. If you have a calendar in this section, you begin to plan when you will start work on assignments. You’ll get the chance to co-ordinate what work you want to do on what day!

Outside the academic section, these planners have space for your normal life. If you need to pencil in any days out, when you need to do a food shop, or when you’re next going home, you can! If you’re someone that meal preps, you can jot that down in there too. You can even make a list for the upcoming food shop.

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Are they worth it?

If you’re someone that may be slightly forgetful, they’re definitely worth it. You don’t want to forget when your first assignment is due, or your first seminar! Academic planners can also be a great investment if you are prone to stress. 

University can be really overwhelming. You might find yourself much busier than normal. If that’s the case, writing it all down and visualising it can really help. Your university experience should be as easy as possible. So, free up some brain space and jot everything down, rather than remembering it in your head. 

Academic planners are an essential part of your kit. So, why not get one before the academic year begins?

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