Six Best Places To Picnic In Bristol This Summer
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Six Best Places To Picnic In Bristol This Summer

Ella Kipling May 12, 2022

With summer approaching, and the weather slowly but surely brightening up, people across the country are unfurling their picnic blankets and trying to locate their cooler bags. A picnic is the perfect way to enjoy the sun without having to spend too much money, so we’ve put together a list of the best picnic spots in Bristol. Take a look below and try them out for yourself.

Blaise Castle

Blaise Castle, a sprawling woods and park in Henbury, is the perfect place for not just a picnic, but a whole day out. Consisting of 650 acres, Blaise Castle is a registered parkland and has a large children’s play area, a museum and a castle.

The main carpark is right next to the park (where they is often an ice cream van during summer months) and a ginormous green area where people tend to picnic, as well as play games and walk dogs. It is here that you can also pop into the Blaise Castle House Museum.

If you are more adventurous, why not take a walk into the woods (which are laid with paths which means they are buggy friendly) and explore the various different routes. You can walk up to the castle (and encounter the cave on the way up!) and picnic on the big green space surrounding the castle. The views up there cannot be missed.

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Bristol Harbourside

If you fancy something a bit different, why not head down to the Harbourside? If you follow the harbour all the way along to The Broken Dock and The Spin Bar, you will find yourself at a bustling spot in the summer. While there isn’t any grass, there is a lovely little dock to lay your picnic blanket on and enjoy some food and a drink right by the water.

The Downs

The Downs is a popular spot during the summer, with groups of all ages gathering there each year. The Downs is pretty easy to get to, although you will need to factor in parking, as it can be difficult to get a space when it’s busy! The Downs are right by the shops which means picnic shopping is sorted, and there is also a little cafe serving food, drinks, and ice creams.

The Observatory

If you want somewhere with a view, The Clifton Observatory is the place to go. Surrounding The Observatory, there is a small grassy area where you can picnic with views of the suspension bridge and the whole city. You can also go into the building, as The Observatory boasts a cafe and a rooftop bar! If you are interested in history, you can go into the museum there and look at the Camera Obscura, as well as trek down to Giant’s Cave, which is definitely worth doing.

Photo by Ella Kipling

College Green

If you have seen Skins, then you will be aware of College Green as a picnic hotspot. This is mostly popular among teenagers, but is a convenient place for a picnic due to the proximity to Park Street and a whole range of shops and ice cream parlours.

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