Must-Do Activities For Students On The Gold Coast
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Must-Do Activities For Students On The Gold Coast

Cicely McFarlane March 17, 2023

Australia is a really exciting place to explore, whether you live there, study, or are just travelling through. But what student activities are on the Gold Coast?

There are many great things to see and do, and below you can find a few in more detail.

Have a read and see if you need to add these to your list on your visit, or if these sound so enticing that you have to put this beautiful part of Australia on your list of dream destinations.

Meeting the Animals

Australia is renowned for its dense wildlife both on land and in the sea.

So, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage and see a population or species that you otherwise wouldn’t in your daily routines.

When people think of Australia, they tend to think of koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles, and sharks. But there is so much more than that.

However, if you are keen on seeing some of these animals, then visiting Currumbin Sanctuary near Surfers Paradise, or Australia Zoo near Brisbane, will be your best bet.

Here you can see the different animals in their natural environment or observe them through animal worker legends at Steve Irwin’s wildlife zoo.

You can learn all about your favourite animals and even get pictures with them.

These institutions focus on the quality of care for the animals and do not overexpose them. This is why they are great places to visit to see these great creatures in a happy and peaceful environment.

Photo by Jeremy Avery on Unsplash

Water Activities

The Gold Coast is a great place to enjoy some activities in the water!

Here you can swim with some of the planet’s most beautiful creatures, such as whales, turtles and even sharks.

However, make sure to check your dates to see what months the whales will be migrating, so you don’t miss them.

You can also go sea kayaking (just remember to take some sea sickness medication as the waves are very choppy), or snorkel and see the marine life up close.

Additionally, if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then you can get your fix here.

The Gold Coast rents out jet skis, has high powered speed boats, and you can even enjoy water-skiing and more.

This is definitely a trip that you can pack full of adventure and fun. So, get saving and then splash your earnings on some activities that you can only experience in a place like the Gold Coast.

Also ensure to soak up some of glorious views from the Gold Coast beaches. Australia is renowned for its stunning locations and the Gold Coast holds the key to so many unbelievable scenes.

Theme Parks

Just a tram ride away are some of the world’s biggest and most exciting theme parks.

If you wish to cool down on the hotter days, then Wet and Wild is the place for you! This includes huge water slides surrounded by fun rides.

This water park is featured in The Inbetweeners 2 movie! So if you’ve seen the amazing rides featured in this film, and dare to give them a try yourself, head on over for a packed day full of adrenaline and fun!

Next door are even more theme parks, such as Dreamworld and Warner Brothers.

Although wrist bands may be slightly pricey, these are parks for those who love the thrill of rollercoasters. Save up and get yourself down to these amazing parks, handily situated next to each other.

After enjoying some time on the flumes, you can dry off while racing through some great activities and rollercoasters!

The great thing about the Gold Coast is its connectivity. You are only an hour or so from Byron Bay if you wish to catch some amazing waves.

Or, if you’re missing some bigger city life, then catch the train to Brisbane to enjoy a faster paced environment!

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