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Spiritual Meaning of Mercury Entering Taurus On April 3rd

Zoe Kramer March 23, 2023

It’s been a busy time for astrology lately. After a powerful few days beginning with the spring equinox on March 20th and culminating in a massive shift of Pluto entering Aquarius on the 23rd, it is now time to set our sights ahead to the coming month of April. And one of the biggest events that will be happening astrologically is Mercury entering Taurus. So, here is what that shift means, and what you can expect from it.

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First, it’s important to understand what Mercury’s placement means in astrology. Mercury is named after the Roman messenger god. Mercury presides over communication, travel, memory and coordination. So, changes in Mercury can affect the ways in which we communicate with others as well as our transit and travel plans. It also affects how we analyze, process and sort information. In other words, this planet can have a substantial impact on our lives, even if we don’t directly realize it. Geminis and Virgos have Mercury as a ruling planet, so if this is your sign, then Mercury can have an especially intense effect on you as it shifts.

Next, it’s necessary to understand what any planet’s placement in Taurus means. Taurus is an earth sign, which makes it practical and grounded. Taurus is known for being steadfast, reliable and very loyal. This sign is characterized by its immutability: this can reflect in a positive light, with incredible dedication and patience. However, this same trait can prove troublesome at times, with Taurus being rather stubborn, like it’s namesake, the bull. Taurus can be a hard-headed sign that wants nothing to do with change.

Mercury has seen quite a few shifts recently, entering Pisces on March 2nd and then Aries on the 18th. So, throughout the month, you may have observed communication channels shifting from indirect, moody or emotional messages, to more direct, open and possibly blunt messages. This could be reflected in text messages with family friends, work emails, or direct person to person talk. Once Mercury enters Taurus, you may expect decisions to take longer — whether that’s on your part or someone elses. So, if you’re a go getter, you might be disappointed to learn that there will be delays on the horizon during this time. Try not to worry about this too much, since this extra time comes not out of laziness, but rather careful and thoughtful consideration. Once this obstacle has been surpassed, you will be able to continue on in your endeavors with renewed energy.

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