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Spiritual Meaning Of Mercury Retrograde In Taurus

Zoe Kramer March 29, 2023

Retrograde is an important concept in the study of astrology. Each planet goes into retrograde at different points of the year, with some being in retrograde for as long as months at a time. It essentially means that from our vantage point, the planet appears to be moving backwards — although in actuality, of course, it is not. While every planet goes into retrograde, people tend to pay special attention when it happens to Mercury. And as it so happens, Mercury will be entering retrograde fairly soon. So here is the spiritual meaning of Mercury retrograde in Taurus, and what you can expect from this period in time.

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When Will Mercury Retrograde In Taurus?

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will begin on April 21st and last until May 14th. The last period of Mercury retrograde before this was December 29th to January 18th. Afterwards, Mercury retrograde will come back later in the year for August 23rd to September 15th and December 13th to January 1st.

What Does Mercury Retrograde In Taurus Mean?

Taurus is an earth sign that is all about stability, structure and status quo. Taurus often has to do with the home and domestic sphere. Mercury, on the other hand, represents our thought patterns, rationality and communication. It also has to do with technology and travel. So, the combination of these two factors signifies grounded communication, and stable, practical relationships. In retrograde, however, that is all turned on its head.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus can ring alarm bells for some. The retrograde — or retracing — of this planet through the earth signs can cause us to feel like we’re making no progress or stuck in our ways. It can also result in breakdowns in communication and relationship chaos. So, it’s no surprise that this event can cause wariness for some. After all, who likes feeling frustrated? But Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom. Instead, we can use this as a period of inward reflection. It’s an opportunity to assess our habits, whether that’s in our spending, our relationships with others, our home life, or our work. We can begin to figure out what’s not working for us, and as a result, begin to change our ways. It’s not always easy being in this period of time, but it can provide us with added clarity and awareness.

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