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Spiritual Meaning Of The Last Quarter Moon

Jasmyne Jeffery April 12, 2023

We’re not far off a new moon for April, but first, we have the third quarter which begins tomorrow (April 13). If you’re looking for a little guidance in your life, or just interested, then we can tell you the spiritual meaning of the last quarter moon, as well as its definition.

Many people believe the moon has a huge impact on our lives. After all, it is one of the largest celestial objects in our night sky and is always watching over us. As the moon changes, so does its effects on our lives. Already this year, the viral moon phase calculator trended on TikTok as people used the moon to test their relationship compatibility.

Now, as it moves into its third quarter phase, let’s see how its spiritual meaning may be relevant to your life.

The Third Quarter Moon Definition

Before learning the significance of its spiritual meaning, it’s probably best to learn what a last quarter moon actually is.

Also known as a third quarter moon, this phase comes before a new moon, where the moon is very dim, and a week after a full moon. It will appear half-lit in the night sky to us, but in reality, we will only be seeing a quarter of it, hence the name.

The third quarter moon will be highest in the sky around midnight and won’t properly set until midday, however, you are a lot less likely to be able to see it then.

For April 2023, the last quarter moon will be visible on April 13. Between then and April 20, when the hybrid solar eclipse will occur, will be a waning crescent moon.

Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

The Spiritual Meaning of The Last Quarter Moon

Now we’re certain about what the third or last quarter moon is, we can explore its spiritual meaning.

According to Psychic Light, there are lots of ways the moon can affect you during this phase. Largely, the last quarter moon is associated with letting go. In the new moon, you should have set yourself a challenge that you have now accomplished than may affect your future. Now, it’s time to let go, forgive and take action once again.

In your relationships, either romantic or platonic, you should use this time to let go of negative people. You should also remove yourself from situations or relationships that are toxic to you. You don’t have to let go completely, but now is when you should set healthy boundaries that put you first.

Continuing that, you should use meditation to take a deep dive into your desires for the future and reflect on your motivations. You could use this time to make big decisions about relationships to see if it’s what is truly beneficial to you.

In your career, you should be applying skills you’ve learned across the lunar cycle in this transitional period. Though it’s not the time for taking risks, that shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself or intend to improve your work life.

As this time is also about balance, ensure you make time for your hobbies and socialising. Use the last quarter moon to reach harmony, peace and happiness in all aspects of your life.

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