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Spiritual Meaning Of The New Moon In Taurus

Zoe Kramer May 2, 2023

Watching the moon in the night sky can be a comforting activity. For some, the phases of the moon are ways to tell the passage of time. Some simply enjoy watching the moon just because it’s pretty to look at. However, for some, the moon brings symbolic and spiritual meaning to their lives.

The New Moon in particular has a number of unique connotations in astrology. So here is when the New Moon is this month and what this celestial event means.

When Is The New Moon In May?

May’s New Moon in Taurus will take place on May 19th. The new moon is considered the first lunar phase. It isn’t a phenomenon you can see, however. If you look up at the sky during a new moon, it will not be visible since this is the time when it is completely in shadow. The phases of the moon are Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, and Waning Crescent. So after the new moon, you will begin to see it wax from a small sliver back into its fullness. This moon will be full on June 4th, also known as the Strawberry Moon.

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Spiritual Meaning Of The New Moon In Taurus

New Moons symbolize a fresh start of a new emotional journey. It’s a time to put the past behind us and look forward to what’s next. Taurus is the sign associated with home, worldly comforts and things that please the senses. This moon might be an opportunity to take solace in the joy these things can bring — work on taking the time to appreciate things as simple as a good meal or a warm blanket. Emotionally speaking, this could also be a call coming from inside the house, so to speak. Where can you be more present in your home life, or how can you make it more comfortable?

Taurus is also associated with wealth, finances and careers: everything that makes those home comforts possible. You may be seeking abundance, new opportunities, or simply a feeling of security in your finances. Whatever the case may be, the new moon is a great time to set your intentions and plant the seeds of what you want to create. Just remember that you can’t only plant seeds — you need to show up, water, cultivate and help them grow.

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