Student Budgeting Tips And Tricks To Help In The Cost of Living Crisis
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Student Budgeting Tips And Tricks To Help In The Cost of Living Crisis

Cicely McFarlane September 25, 2022

Fears of the cost of living crisis are very valid anxiety many students have, but there are some budgeting tips and tricks to help you along.

Fear of the unknown is a constant aspect of worry, especially regarding money and finance, for so many students, a recent survey by Save The Student revealed over 80% of students had considered dropping out, with one of the main reasons for this being money.

So, what is important is to not let these anxieties overwhelm you and try to remember as much as possible, that you are not alone in this current situation.

Student budgeting tips and tricks:

As a student, budgeting can already be a challenging aspect as you start your adult life. So, here are some further tips and tricks on how to master this, whilst also trying to maintain a balance between your university and social life.

Talk to Finance Officers for Administrators:

Universities will have an area where you can talk to finance officers or administrators about helping balance work and a part-time job, and can especially help you with finding a budget that best suits you.

Using these amenities can be a great way to keep a balance on stress levels regarding the situation.

It is also important to feel like you have someone to talk to you if you are feeling overwhelmed about money issues, as you do not want these piling up and adding stress to your day-to-day life.

It is also important to remember that at university there are going to be people in very different financial situations than yourself. Remaining respectful of others around you and not discussing your financial situation unless you feel comfortable is something people need to remember.

Part-Time Work:

Balancing your university life with a part-time job is for many, vitally important to be able to sustain yourself whilst at university.

Many jobs can be flexible with your studies, from my personal experience signing up for hospitality work through companies such as ‘Compass’ will really help. Here working in specific events such as pouring pints at stadiums and concerts, is something that I would suggest.

This gives you the flexibility of choosing what days and events you want to work, and almost certainly tends to be evening shifts so will not impact your day-to-day studying.

It can be daunting not knowing the exact path surrounding the cost of living at this current time, so if you are feeling overwhelmed make sure you have somebody to talk to.

If you find it a challenge to get in contact with the right people, talk to your tutor, lecturer, friends or family to gain their perspective and assistance.

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