What Students Can Do For Three Days In Rome
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What Students Can Do For Three Days In Rome

Manon Lamy February 19, 2023

Students always want to travel and escape the daily life of university in favour of a student-friendly destination. And Italy’s capital is the perfect place to do that. So what can students do in Rome?

Rome is a mythical city. The Colosseum, the Vatican, the fountain of Trevi. It is one of those places where history and art mix perfectly. You can see ancient pillars from Ancient Rome on one side of the street and a beautiful Renaissance era church on the other.

Rome is the perfect city if you want a quick getaway in the winter. The weather might be cold but you are guaranteed a good time and you might even get blue skies everyday. All in all, Rome is a great student-friendly travel destination.

Here is how to spend the best three days in Rome without missing out on anything. Sure you can spend a bit longer because there is so much to do but, trust me, you can do plenty in just three days.

Day 1 in Rome – Morning

Get those walking shoes on because you will be walking a lot and Rome’s public transport is not very sophisticated. If you want a bus, you might be waiting a while. But walking means less spending, which is why Rome is a great student-friendly destination.

First, make your way to the Pantheon. This is a stunning church with an incredible dome ceiling.

No one really knows why it was built in the first place (likely a pagan temple) but today it’s a church called Santa Maria ad Martyres. And the famous painter Raphael is buried there.

He is at rest alongside Vittorio Emanuele II, Umberto I and Margherita of Savoy. Walk around the church and take it all in. It might take you a couple of walkthroughs to fully appreciate it. However: you need to book in advance in order to enter the Pantheon. But the good news is: it’s free!

The whole of Day 1 in Rome is inexpensive. From Santa Maria ad Martyres or the Pantheon make your way over to the Piazza Navona. This stunning piazza was built over the ruins of the Stadium of Domitian. It has three stunning fountains that are a significant example of Baroque Roman architecture.

Day 1 – Afternoon

After you have observed the stunning Fontana die Quattro Fiumi (The fountain of the four rivers), make your way through the beautiful streets towards the Trevi fountain.

Another classic spot in Rome you simply cannot miss. It is always packed, though! No matter the day or the time, be prepared to wait if you want a photo with minimal people in the background.

Make sure you bring coins to throw in the fountain. You wouldn’t come to Rome without enjoying this tradition. However, there is a specific way to throw the coins: right hand over left shoulder.

The Trevi fountain collects an estimated 1.4 million euros every year. This money is used to support the needy of Rome. The fountain was made famous by many movies from the 50s and 60s and the Lizzie Macguire movie. Nonetheless it is a classic.

After, make your way towards the Spanish Steps or Piazza di Spagna. It is a busy but exciting place. If your feet don’t hurt too much, then climb up the Spanish steps and admire the view of Rome. Good news! No need to walk back down for the next stop of the day. Make your way to the gardens of the Villa Borghese.

Take a stroll through the gardens or visit the gallery. Whatever you choose, make sure you take it all in.

After a long and eventful day, stop for some delicious Italian food, and/or gelato and/or an Italian coffee stop. Rome is the perfect place for a student-friendly destination as many things can be done on a budget.

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Day 2

Hopefully you have recuperated from your first Day 1 in the city. Day 2 is here and it is another busy day. Today the focus shifts on Ancient Rome. A place of gladiators and beautiful temples.

Of course the first stop has to be the visit of the Colosseum. To enter you need a €16 ticket which will include the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. Whilst it might be a bit expensive it is something you really shouldn’t miss. And if you are lucky and have an European ID then you will only pay €2. (reduced for EU nationals between 18 and 25). Once again, great for students on a budget.

The Colosseum has seen nearly every major event in the modern world. It is a bucket list visit and one of the wonders of the ancient world. Take your time, walk through and think of the gladiator fights and the battle reenactments that happened in that amphitheater.

It is is truly a thing of wonder. You can’t go to Rome and miss out on the Colosseum.

With your Colosseum ticket you can enter the Roman forum. You will spend the majority of your time there as it is quite a bit bigger. Look at Titus’s arch. The Romans really loved their arches. Look at how well conserved it is. Stroll through the forum take it all in. It is a great way to see what Ancient Rome was like and how they lived.

And if you have time I would definitely recommend that you climbed up to the Palatine hill.

Go eat some pasta and refuel for your third and final day.

Day 3

Today you are not spending the day in Rome. Well you are, but also in a way you are not. Today you should spend the day in the Vatican. The reason whilst it is technically not Rome is because the Vatican is actually an independent state within the city of Rome. It has its own postal service, its own flag and its own passports.

Start your visit with St Peter’s Basilica. The visit of the Basilica is free but you should expect long queues. However, it is quite worth it. The basilica is regarded as one of the holiest Catholic Shrines. Even just from the outside it is incredible. Grand.

After you’ve been to the basilica you should try to do the Vatican museums. You might be thinking you don’t really want to due another museum but this is the only way to see the Sistine Chapel and Michealangelo’s work. But it is worth every penny of the €17 entrance fee (check for reduced tickets and if you are eligible). The Vatican is a great student friendly spot.

The museum has many incredible paintings and sculptures. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

After another full day in Rome/the Vatican, find yourself a yummy pizza place and refuel.

Of course there is still so much you can do but in three days you can cover a lot of ground. Rome is a great student friendly destination. What are you waiting for?

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