Student Must Haves For Hostel Stays
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Student Must Haves For Hostel Stays

Cicely McFarlane March 3, 2023

When staying in a hostel, this may not be the life of luxury you hope. However, the community spirit of a hostel is not only the cheapest way to travel, but the best and fastest way to meet people who may be doing the same things as yourself. There are some things that are student must haves for hostel visits and we’ve got you covered.

These things ensure your trip is made that little bit more comfortable, and you can start to feel like your room is your new home (if only for a brief while).

For however long you may be staying somewhere, ensuring these three items are packed in your suitcase will be something you will not regret once you start travelling.

A Pillowcase

This may seem like one of the stranger items on this list, but let me explain why this is among the student must haves before you hit a hostel.

Of course, hostels provide you with a made-up bed. However, having a pillowcase of your own has been proven to ensure a better night’s rest.

This is due to it smelling and feeling like your home environment, which in turn relaxes you and enables you to fall into a deeper sleep.

Additionally, many people have been purchasing silk pillowcases, after videos on TikTok went viral. This showed that this can help hair growth and greatly improve your skin.

This has something to do with the texture of the pillowcase stimulating hair growth, and not withholding as much bacteria and germs.

This is definitely a great hostel essential. It doesn’t take up any room in your bag, and it will ensure you are at your most comfortable.

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Shower Shoes

I’m sure many of you would have thought about your footwear during your travels, and sandals, flip flops or sliders are probably some of the most popular choices.

But having a cheap pair of shoes specifically to wear in the shower will go a long way on your travels.

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Your feet will thank you endlessly for not putting them through the turmoil of hostel showers.

Of course, some of them are ok, and are cleaned regularly but, just to save yourself from any potential germs and diseases, grab some shoes.

Definitely remember to put shoes on in the showers. They are nothing like the image above!

Purchasing cheap flip flops which can even fold up in your suitcase would be my most strongly suggested tip.

Microfiber Towel

This is the most underrated item that I brought on my travels. I nearly just rolled up a normal towel and stuffed it at the bottom of my bag. But I am so happy I didn’t.

A microfiber towel is a super light and quick drying towel that normally comes in its own bag.

This mean that, after you use it, it will dry quickly and not be soaking wet in your bag with your other clothes.

I never realised how much time and effort this would save and it is a 100% must have item!

It ensures that you will not muddle up your towels with other hostel stayers, and that it will not stay damp and start to smell.

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