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Tennis Star Coco Gauff's TikTok Embarrasses Her Dad In Hilarious Videos

Jasmyne Jeffery January 19, 2023

The American sportswoman may be a rising star in the tennis world, but that doesn’t stop her from joining in with all the latest trends. In particular, Coco Gauff loves embarrassing her dad and other family members on her TikTok. Even after beating Emma Raducanu in the Australian Open, making videos is still on her mind.

You’d think being a sporting superstar would mean that you don’t have much time for downtime and relaxation. Not only does Coco Gauff ensure that she does, but she even uses it to embarrass her dad on TikTok. Proving she’s not so different from others her age, we take a look at her hilarious videos.

Coco Gauff Beats Emma Raducanu But Has Priorities In Order

Yesterday, (Wednesday, January 18), Coco competed in the Australian Open, beating Emma Raducanu to progress to the next stage of the competition. In a match that was looking in Raducanu’s favour, Gauff managed to pull it back in later sets and finally beat the British star 3-6, 6-7, with the latter set going to a tiebreak.

You might think that when asked what she will do next in her post-match interview that Gauff intended to train, rest her body or have a well-earned nap. Not so much. The 18-year-old showed she’s just as addicted to the app as the rest of us and will be making more additions to the Coco Gauff TikTok account. If she isn’t needed on the court, she has her plans sorted.

“Playing cards with my parents or embarrassing them on TikTok.”

The latest video she uploaded with her parents has a huge 1.6 million views. At least she knows that if the tennis gig doesn’t work out, Coco can embarrass her dad on TikTok forevermore.

Coco Gauff’s TikTok Videos Embarrass Her Dad

In a video uploaded less than a week ago, Coco decided to show her parents a dance routine for them to do. Except she hasn’t actually taught them it, and just wants them to copy her. Whilst her mum does a pretty decent job of repeating the moves, Coco’s dad has a bit more trouble with some hilarious results.

Fans of the tennis star quickly took to the comments to praise Coco’s mom, but also laugh at her dad’s attempts.

“Dad created his own routine,” one commented.

Another said that it was an informed choice: “Dad: No thx. I choose my own destiny.”

Eitherway, the video had fans flocking to it, particularly after Coco mentioned in in her post-match interview.

Coco Gauff’s TikTok proves she’s just a regular teen too as she shows reactions to getting certain texts off of certain boys and also taking part in viral TikTok sounds.

Of course, she also shows her 200k followers behind the scenes of her tennis matches and training as well as the different places she gets to visit around the world. It’s safe to say, however, that Coco embarrassing her dad has been her most successful TikTok video yet. No wonder she’s already made another and has plans to make more.


Replying to @b4ttxsz_01 you ask and you shall receive! lol they added their own flavor to it🤣

♬ original sound – !nayaa

Her dad is still trying, bless him.

Hopefully, we’ll see even more videos from Coco’s TikTok in the next few days, and hopefully, they’ll include her parents. If Coco Gauff’s win against Emma Raducanu is anything to go by, she should probably get the videos in whilst she can!

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