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The Best Apple TV Shows Students Should Watch

Manon Lamy March 12, 2023

Are you a bit bored of Netflix? Have you heard of Apple TV and their shows? You probably have but you don’t really know in which basket to put your eggs. Apple TV or Netflix? Or another streaming service? It’s a hard decision. Especially if you are a student on a budget. But here are the best Apple TV shows that students should watch.

Apple TV shows are really great. And a bonus, they are often renewed quite quickly which is great. Something which Netflix could learn. Another great bonus is that the Apple TV shows are really original. Some Netflix shows can be a little repetitive.

Apple TV is great streaming service that people so often forget.

Just to show you how great they are, Apple TV won nine Emmy’s in last year’s awards and they will win many more that is for sure.

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Ted Lasso – Final season airing 15 March

It is so sad that Ted Lasso is already coming to an end. Its final season will start airing on March 15. The American coaching a British football team is back on our screens. This final season is bound to be exciting and full of laughs. Ted Lasso is a global phenomenon, that’s for sure.

The show has won back-to-back Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy. It won four awards in total at last year’s ceremony.

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For All Mankind – Season 4 in production

One of my personal favourites. This show asks the big questions of the space race. What if the Russians had made it to the moon before the Americans? Well everything would be different. Whether you are studying science at uni or just interested in what goes on up there, this is one Apple TV show that students should definitely watch.

The cinematography is beautiful and the casting is incredible. There are already three seasons for you to enjoy. And the fourth run is probably coming quite soon! Who’s excited? We certainly are.

Bad Sisters

What do you do when your brother in law is a ‘prick’? Well, this incredible show will show you. These tightly bonded sisters will do anything to save their sister from her husband. Bad Sisters really shows how deep the bonds of family go. It is definitely one to watch. Funny, dark, witty; in short, you will love it.

Slow Horses

Slow Horses is one of Apple TV’s best show. It is hilarious. Are MI5 agents really what we think? Are they all like James Bond? Well slow horses will tell you that not all the agents are that suave. Far from it. They can be useless and a danger for public safety. But they are, nonetheless, funny.

The Mosquito Coast

This show follows a family that has been living off grid for years. However, something forces them to go on the run and find somewhere else to go. Whilst on the run they encounter all sorts of dangers. From cartels to the FB, everyone wants a piece of the Fox family.

Five Days At Memorial

This show is incredible as it recalls the events of Hurricane Katrina in 2004. Memorial Hospital, where the show is set, is flooded after the levy’s of New Orleans break. They run out of supplies rather quickly, and then they run out of electricity. Suddenly it’s all about life and death and working to get out of the hospital.

Apple TV really have some incredible shows that students should watch. It’s a really great streaming service and will only get better.

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