It may be traditional but, let’s face it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So what are the best alternatives to Christmas pudding?

For many people, including myself, Christmas dinner is one of the best aspects of this season. Every family does their dinner a little bit differently.

Some people swear that you must have Yorkshire puddings with your Christmas dinner, others see this as completely wrong. The same goes for cauliflower cheese.

However, what is not debatable is that, for dessert, Christmas pudding is most commonly served. For me personally, I’ve never been a massive fan of this tangy fruity cake.

Aesthetically, it’s one of the most Christmassy desserts that you can have. But the actual taste compared to the rest of Christmas dinner is a slight letdown.

Many people evidently feel the same. This is why different supermarkets across the United Kingdom have started putting out Christmas dessert alternatives.

Below are some of my most tried and tested Christmas dinner dessert alternatives and the results.

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Treacle Pudding

This is definitely for those who are self-proclaimed sweet-toothers.

This dessert still has the same overall look of the Christmas pudding, and can also be paired with the same clotted or double cream additions.

A treacle pudding is a sponge which is entirely covered with a thick and tasty treacle sauce.

Sometimes you can even get chocolate on the inside. This is definitely a pudding that will not disappoint those who love both chocolate and sugar.

brown and white pastry on white ceramic plate
Photo by Bryam Blanco on Profiterole Tower

If, at the end of your Christmas dinner, all you wish to do is lounge around for the rest of the evening, then having a dessert that is easy to access while you do so, rather than a sit up formal end to your dinner, is 100% for you.

These small but sweet pastry balls filled with cream and chocolate can ensure that you keep the dessert portion of your evening running throughout the whole night.

You don’t have to eat them straight after your meal. You can relax and start to nibble on them as your favourite Christmas specials air.

What is also great about this dessert is that this easy to assemble dish tends to look quite grand, and can add a sense of pizzazz to your whole dinner.

Apple Crumble

This is traditionally one of the most English desserts out there. Plus, when it comes to the best alternatives to Christmas pudding, this is simply delicious.

Many family have their own homemade recipes. However, if you don’t, head over to BBC Food as they have a great recipe for a traditional apple crumble.

This could be a perfect way to end your Christmas dinner, as you have the refreshing bite of the apple against the crumbly mix of the flour, sugar and oats.

Some people decide to pair this with custard instead of cream. However, having both available on your table is the safest bet, so you can decide which one you prefer.

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