Best Feel-Good Travel Films To Get You In The Mood For An Adventure
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Best Feel-Good Travel Films To Get You In The Mood For An Adventure

Cicely McFarlane June 3, 2022

As the school year, university, or latest chapter in your life draws to an end before summer, you may have some holidays trips booked abroad…or traveling to do.

But as the date to go away gets closer, feelings of anxiety and the unknown of where you are traveling to, becomes a dominant thought process.

I always find putting a film on that inspires you to take the plunge, and enjoy your travels, helps me relax.

Below are some of my ultimate travel films, that make me want to get away as soon as I’ve watched them.

They remind me that life is short and whether you make some amazing memories, or ones that will just be a funny story in the long run, this is all a part of life. Experiencing life to the full is the most you can do.

Mamma Mia!

I’m sure most people are aware of the Mamma Mia films, all written around the ABBA soundtracks.

Mamma Mia one and two are amazing light-hearted musicals and are always fun to watch.

Due to the light-hearted nature of both films, the beautiful setting of a Greek island, and the spontaneity of the characters in what they want to do; whether this is an artist, a hotelier, or traveling until their heart’s content.

This will inspire and remind you that, on your travels, you will meet some amazing people, experience amazing cultures, and live (if you wish to) in some of the most beautiful locations.

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Eat Pray Love

This film stars the extremely talented Julia Roberts and is one that will make you want to be strong, independent, and get what you want from life.

It is based on a woman who separates from her partner, goes to Italy, and tries everything that she’s always wanted to.

She travels to many different places, meets new people, and learns how to stand on her own two feet again.

This is based on a book and is said to be a ‘Bible’ for those who have just gone through a difficult breakup.

Watching this film will reignite the flame within you for an adventure, and remind you that being by yourself doesn’t mean you are alone. It can help you to be the person that you’ve always wanted to become and much more.

Leap Year

This is a 2010 film starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. Although this is a slightly more unconventional choice for travel, it always reminds me to get myself out of my comfort zone and explore whatever direction life takes you in.

This is about a woman who is on her way to propose to her fiancé, when she becomes marooned in a small Irish town.

To get to her final destination is rather difficult yet, with the help of a hotel owner, she realises what true love is.

Remember that, what you think may be some of the worst moments of your life, such as when your plane is cancelled, the car breaks down, luggage is lost, may actually prove to be a defining moment in your life.

Laughing your way through these moments, and trying to stay positive while remembering that at the end of this all, you will have stories to tell, is something that will make you want to live life to the full.

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