The Best Finished Work For Christmas Memes As The Holidays Begin
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The Best Finished Work For Christmas Memes As The Holidays Begin

Jasmyne Jeffery December 22, 2022

If you’re stepping out of the office or leaving your uni halls for the festive period then you’re probably in a pretty good mood. As you’re commuting home, take a look at the funniest finished work for Christmas memes to raise your spirits even more.

Christmas has officially begun if you’ve broken up from university or got your out-of-office emails on! You may have another day left before you break up, so why don’t you prepare with some hilarious memes to get you feeling merry and bright?

Finished Work For Christmas Memes To Get You Feeling Jolly

And where better to turn to for memes than Twitter, where everyone has shared their delight at finishing, or despair for not being done yet.

You can’t even try and remove the grin from your face when you know it’s finally gin-o’clock.

It’s never too early when you’ve finished work, and you can’t contain your excitement either!

Who knows how much of the festivities we’ll actually remember, but does it matter when you can actually have a hangover?

Yet, we must all remember those who are still working, or god forbid working over Christmas. We salute you.

What a sad little life Jane (who probably isn’t very sad at all, really.)

And of course, a moment of thought for those who have just finished work for Christmas, but had come down with the dreaded lurgy. Here’s hoping you feel better before the big day!

There’s going to be a lot of people having this kind of swagger in the next couple of days.

The David Brent dance is definitely appropriate when it’s Christmas!

So much for a white Christmas! Looks like it might just be a soggy one…again. But don’t that dampen your spirits!

Where’s everybody else’s, then?

It’s time to let your inner child out and fully embrace the festivities!

So, here it is, Merry Christmas! If you’re lucky enough to be off until January then spare a thought for those less fortunate working over the festive period. Whichever category you belong to, we hope these finished work for Christmas memes have not only been relatable, but enjoyable too!

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