The Best Helmets Of The 2022 F1 Season So Far
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The Best Helmets Of The 2022 F1 Season So Far

Francesca Herring May 21, 2022

One of the main things F1 fans look forward to ahead of a race weekend is the reveal of the helmets. Previously, the FIA ruled that drivers can only change their design once per season. Now this rule has been dropped and the drivers can get creative once again, let’s look at some of the best designs of the 2022 season so far.

Lando’s Miami Heat

Lando Norris’s Miami helmet takes the crown so far this season. In an ode to Miami Heat, Lando sported a basketball textured helmet for the race. His tweet reveal garnered 124K likes and 1,000,000 likes on Instagram. This helmet is innovative, and really cool. A 10/10 for Lando. 

Verstappen’s Season Debut

Max Verstappen’s debut helmet for the season also deserves a place in this list. His brand-new driving number, one, is in gold. It’s white, gold, and eye-catching. Following his first World Championship win, it’s no surprise that Verstappen went for such a standout piece.

Ricciardo’s Ace Ventura Helmet

Daniel Ricciardo’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective helmet encapsulated what Miami is all about. Both McLaren drivers switched up their usual designs for the Miami GP and caught the eyes of everyone watching. Ricciardo’s standard head gear is also eye-catching, but his Ace Ventura design is a real winner.

Bottas Down Under

Valtteri Bottas’s helmet for the Melbourne GP also deserves a place on this list. Complete with beaches, beach huts, sharks and kangaroos, Bottas’s Melbourne gear has the Australian essence. Designed by girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell, this helmet will go down as one of his best.

Vettel’s Ukraine Helmet

Finally, we turn to Sebastian Vettel. In true Vettel style, his pieces so far have been dedicated to world issues. Vettel consistently shows his support for various causes and often speaks out about how F1 can support such issues. One of his helmets this year has the Ukraine flag running across it. As well as the slogan, ‘No War’ and lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon, Vettel’s head gear is a fitting tribute to Ukraine. 

With still over half of the race calendar left, the helmets will only get better. We’ll have to see what head gear will be donned at the Barcelona GP on 22 May. 

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