The Best Homemade Pitchers To Impress Your Friends
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The Best Homemade Pitchers To Impress Your Friends

Cicely McFarlane May 24, 2022

As much as many people enjoy a pub or beer garden, sometimes splashing the cash on a sunny day is the last thing you can do before payday.

Pitchers are a great way to share drinks with your friends, without having to order a round for everyone, especially if they are homemade.

Making your guests all bring a pitcher of their own choice to a garden party or BBQ will ensure your glass doesn’t go dry as you enjoy these cheap and delicious recipes.

Cucumber, Mint and Melon Punch

This fresh and minty mix will leave your tastebuds tingling and will impress your friends and family. This is just what you need on a hot summer’s evening. The simplicity of this drink is what makes it so refreshing.

All you need is sliced cucumber, a few mint leaves, 500 ml of Vodka, 200g of white caster sugar, half a jug of sparkling water or lemonade, and then one whole diced melon, or half a watermelon. These complimentary flavours will be everyone’s favourite summer taste sensation.

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Easy White Sangria

Putting your own twist on a summer favourite won’t leave you disappointed. The word ‘easy’ is included in this delicious summer pitcher as all that is required is a crisp white wine, then add the chopped fruit of your choice. Mine include pear, apple and oranges. Top this jug off with elderflower cordial for a great light drink.

Pomegranate Pimm’s

This fruity mix includes a large splash of pomegranate juice, 200 ml of Pimm’s, cucumber cut into chunks, and a large pour of lemonade.

This fruity mix will impress the crowd as the pretty red colour, accompanied by the fresh fruit, is the perfect summer mix for all.

Apple Prosecco Punch

These two flavours compliment each other so well that it would leave you wondering why you didn’t try it sooner.

All that is required for this mix is cloudy apple juice, 200ML of vodka, two sliced lemons, 750 milliliters of Prosecco, one green apple, and lots of ice.

This mix will be one of the most moreish pitchers. That said, it’s also the one that is most likely to get your head spinning in the shortest amount of time!

These are some of my favourite summer drink concoctions that I would highly recommend treating yourself to. Enjoy those long summer evenings.

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