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The Best Jobs For Students To Fit Around Studies

Jasmyne Jeffery May 21, 2023

Many students have to work alongside their studies, however, knowing what part-time job to look for can be tricky. Here are our ideas for the best jobs for students that won’t compromise your university work.

Lots of students have had to work alongside going to university for years. However, the situation is worse than ever now because of the cost-of-living crisis. Maintenance loans are no longer enough to cover the price of simple needs, with many now having to use food banks and more.

However, your studies should always be your priority. Try to avoid working when you’re meant to be at university or studying. However, we know how tempting earning some extra money can be.

Not many people love working in retail or hospitality, and they’re often jobs students fall into. If that’s something you’re up for, then there are usually plenty of opportunities for part-time work.

Our list is going to be made of jobs that are a little different, but still easy to fit in around university.

The Best Part-Time Jobs For Students

Have a look at our list of jobs we recommend for students and seriously consider whether one of them could be for you.

Student Jobs Working With Pets And Kids

  • Tutoring

This could be online or in person as a fantastic paid experience if you’re thinking of going into teaching. This would typically be at weekends or early evenings, so easy to fit in around university. Plus, it’s unlikely you’d do it more than 2/3 times a week.

For this, you would need to be good with children, have a lot of patience and have excellent grades in the subject they’re teaching. If it’s in person, then you may also need to go through a DBS check too. However, it typically pays pretty well and can be incredibly rewarding.

  • Sitting – Pets or Kids!

If you don’t fancy yourself as a teacher, then you could always do some babysitting! Whether you sign up to an agency or it’s for a family you know, it’s usually an easy gig, it’ll pay well, and you can even study when the kids are in bed!

If you’re not soon keen on kids, then pet sitting is also an option. Possibly even easier than the above!

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Be Creative!

  • Freelance Writing

This is perfect if you study English or journalism, or just have a passion for it. Lots of sites are looking for current students to do a few articles or blogs a week. In fact, we’re one of them! Freelance work means working around your schedule, so it can be really freeing.

You can do this from the comfort of your own home and pick when you want to earn!

  • Become a TV or Film Extra

This tends to depend on where you’re studying for the amount of opportunities. For instance, if you’re in Cardiff, London or Bristol then quite a lot of filming for TV shows or films happens there.

It’s very easy to sign up to an agency and you’ll be picked depending on your age/how you look. However, you can normally put in your availability. Be warned, it can be long days, but it would certainly be a memorable experience.

  • Work For Your University

If anyone is going to know that your studies come first, it’ll be your university. There are many different university jobs for students. You could work in the bar, for the union, or even be a student ambassador.

Pay is usually capped, so it may not be great, but anything will help. Plus, they’ll be especially accommodating with your studies. This could even involve some social media work, so if that’s your expertise then this could be a great opportunity for you.

Any of the above would be a great part-time jobe for a student. Plus, it gets you out of customer service, which is always a bonus!

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