The Best Online Second-Hand Clothing Stores
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The Best Online Second-Hand Clothing Stores

Zoe Kramer January 10, 2023

Buying clothing second-hand is great for so many reasons. It’s good for the environment, you can find unique and interesting pieces, plus it usually comes at a discounted price compared to buying items new. However, the availability of second-hand clothing can vary depending on where you live. Even if you have several charity shops or vintage stores near you, you may have already found everything in them that you would want. That’s where online stores come in. Here are some of the best online second-hand clothing stores where you can shop without even leaving your house.


Launched in 2011, Poshmark is a large-scale online marketplace with tons of listings. You can buy clothing or even housewares and electronics at reasonable prices. It’s easy to use and offers a wide variety of resale items, both new and used. Its bundle feature allows for buyers to receive a discount when buying multiple items from a seller.


Founded to reduce clothing waste, ThredUP has a slightly different approach to selling secondhand clothes than some other online retailers. Sellers send their items into the company, which then takes professional photographs of them. This gives buyers a good idea of what they’re getting before they purchase it.

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Vinted allows you to filter different categories and sizes. Growing from a small website to a userbase of over 65 million, it has become a widespread phenomenon. You can even search for brands and get high-end clothing at a significant discount. It has something of a social media feel, with users able to like items they’re interested in to return to later.


eBay is known for being an everything-website, so it’s no huge surprise that you can buy clothes there, too. As one of the first online secondhand retailers, eBay has established credibility for many years. This platform is great for locating rare finds or searching for casual apparel. Return policies vary depending on the seller, so have a quick check before you make a purchase.


Thrifted is another great online second-hand clothing store that has a lot of great 70s, 80s and 90s fashion available. Shoppers purchase clothing from the website directly rather than other users, so photos are consistent, giving the website a neat and professional feel. Some items are in a medium price range, but the trade off is that these items are high quality.


It turns out that Etsy has a wide range of items available beyond handmade crafts, which includes used and vintage clothing. You can browse dozens of successful shops near you, with some specializing in specific items such as shoes and bags, while others offer a range of different items and styles.

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