The Best Playlists To Welcome In 2023
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The Best Playlists To Welcome In 2023

Cicely McFarlane December 31, 2022

As the countdown starts and you hope that 2023 will bring everything that you wish and more, having the correct playlist and the right music to welcome in this year is very important. So here are the best playlists to welcome in 2023.

If this is a year of huge change – maybe if you’re leaving school and going to university, leaving university into working life, or starting a gap year full of adventure and travel – you want your New Year’s playlist to represent what you want the next 12 months to bring.

Spotify Wrapped

Of course you can use your Spotify wrapped to summarise and assess just how your year has gone.

You can see your favourite artists, how many minutes you have listened to, and in turn what this shows your year to be like.

If you want to welcome in your new year by remembering the one that has just gone, then playing your 2022 wrapped Spotify playlist would be ideal.

This could be a very nostalgic playlist  to have on, as you can see your favourite songs throughout the year at different periods of time, and what songs were played and why.

A New 2022 Playlist

If you are slightly underwhelmed with your 2022 Spotify wrapped playlist, then search for the playlist called NYE 2022.

Here some of the most popular songs of 2022 have been collected and integrated with some old-school bangers.

This is definitely a playlist for those who love to sing and dance along to some old-school classics , and welcome in the new year by belting your heart out.

Additionally, another playlist called Party Songs 2022 is highly recommended, as it not only lasts for six hours and 17 minutes, it also has a collection that is definitely best for a whole evening of dance and song.

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A Slower Paced Evening

Sticking with Spotify, and searching for the playlist called New Year’s Night Vibe for 2023 will provide you with a slow, relaxing playlist for a lounge or chilled back evening or party.

This is definitely the playlist that you will want to listen to if you will be having more of a conversational evening rather than a dance one.

You can have some great and relaxing vibes in the background, whatever the event may be, without having to worry about creating your own.

The Best Songs To Welcome 2023

This section will have vary depending on what type of music is your favourite and why.

However, below are some of the best New Year’s Eve songs , so definitely add these to your playlist if they’re not already on it.

Dancing Queen By ABBA

This is a song that everybody knows the words to.

It is full of good vibes so, if this is something that you are manifesting for the new year, I really don’t think you could choose a better song to start 2023 off with.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody By Whitney Houston

This is an old classic that will get everybody up on the dance floor.

Once again, it is a great song for all to dance to if you wish to bring in the new year surrounded by your favourite people while dancing to an all-time classic.

Celebration By Kool And The Gang

This one is if you’re into a slightly cheesier and corny vibe, that you know will put a smile on everyone’s face. If that’s the case, this classic tune should be played as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

It’s ideal for smaller and more relaxed events, as you can then welcome the new year in with everyone as this uplifting and fun song plays in the background.

I Got A Feeling By The Black Eyed Peas

This has also been mentioned as one of the favourites for any NYE party, as it is such a classic. Everyone knows it, and almost loves to hate it.

This is a great song if you’re around people you love and want to celebrate by having a drink and dancing the night away.

Auld Lang Syne

This is the traditional New Year’s Eve song, as many look back and reflect on the year that they have had; as well as looking forward to the one that they wish to come.

For many, this song is the most nostalgic and traditional, and New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be the same without it being played.

The best playlists to welcome 2023 have a great mix of tunes to get the party started, keep it going, and ensure the perfect end.

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