The Best Pub Golf Experiences In Cardiff
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The Best Pub Golf Experiences In Cardiff

Cicely McFarlane June 5, 2022

Pub golf can be one of the most fun, yet expensive, themed nights to enjoy. Gathering your outfit, which must include a visor, an inflatable golf club, and a polo top of some kind, can be a fun prospect.

But actually deciding on the pubs is a challenging one to do correctly.

This is your guide for Pub Golf in Cardiff, and what places to go to in order to ensure you get the most out of your evening and what you are spending on.

Here is the route that I suggest you follow to get the most out of your much anticipated evening.

However, a word of warning, ensure you have some paracetamol and water next to your bed so you can try to prevent your hangover as much as possible.

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Route to Follow

Bar 1:

The Woodville = 1-5 Woodville Rd, Cardiff CF24 4DW

Deals at this pub include a free drink when signing up and registering with their site, as well as £3.50 cocktails every Thursday!

This is a pub with a great relaxed vibe, and with deals for students (on both food and drink) throughout the entire week.

Bar 2:

The Vulcan = 2 Wyeverne Rd, Cardiff CF24 4BH

This pub is in the heart of Cathays and has live music, as well as open mic night on Thursdays for those music lovers! Deals include all shots for £1 on Mondays, as well as £2.50 pints.

Bar 3:

Gassy’s = 39-41 Salisbury Rd, Cardiff CF24 4AB

This pub is the same Branch as the Woodville, and so also shares the same offers as that does. Fridays are not to be missed. This is a day you can get Rum and Vodka mixers, as well as Whisky and Gin for only £5!

Bar 4:

Misfits = 7-9 Miskin St, Cardiff CF24 4AP

These first four bars are all in the middle of the student place Cathays. But, as town is only a five-minute walk from Misfits, you can start to venture into town. Skittle Bombs are a cheap and cheerful shot to enjoy, they are like sugary jager bombs and will 100% be the best choice for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Town Bars

Bar 5:

Live Lounge = 9 The Friary, Cardiff CF10 3FA

This amazing venue has 2-4-1 cocktails from 4:30 – midnight Sundays to Wednesday, 4:30 – 10pm on Thursdays, and 2:30 – 4:30 every Friday. This is enough of an excuse to get yourself to this great bar and enjoy a few drinks after work.

Bar 6:

Revolutions = 9-11 Castle St, Cardiff CF10 1BS

The best part of this route is that Revolutions will then turn into a club. This will be the perfect end to your evening, as you would have had enough drinks to be able to enjoy a few dancing songs before you call your evening a night.

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