The Best University House Party Themes
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The Best University House Party Themes

Jasmine Sandhar January 21, 2022

With exams wrapping up and the assignment period shortly coming to an end, house parties are finally beginning to happen again. There is nothing as good as a costume party to get everyone in the right spirit. Not only is guessing who someone has dressed up as the perfect conversation starter. It is also the perfect opportunity to take some very memorable pictures. So, whether you are hosting or crashing, here are the best university house party theme ideas you can use.

White Lies

Out of all of the options listed below, this one is definitely the most low maintenance. All you have to do is grab a white shirt and black pen and you are sorted. Perhaps the hardest part is coming up with a white lie to write on your shirt that is actually inventive and not the same as anybody else’s. However, if you cannot think of anything good enough, there are always plenty of ideas on TikTok that you can copy.


Recent fashion trends appear to be revolving around vintage pieces, and there is no better way to celebrate your individual style than host a decades party to show off your favourite outfit. Prepare to see Y2K juicy couture tracksuits, 90s baggy jeans, 80s jazzercise sets, 70s boho prints, 60s mod dresses, and maybe even a 50s housewife.

First Letter of Your Name

While a party themed around the alphabet seems like a boring idea at first, the costumes that people come up with can get pretty wild. The scope of what you can do with this theme is pretty much endless, with people trying their hand at celebrity impersonations or embodying the most random objects you can think of. Also, if it happens to be your birthday, a great spin on this one is to get everyone to come dressed at the first letter of your name instead of their own.

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For those who are unaware, ABC stands for Anything But Clothes. No, this does not mean you turn up to someone’s house naked. Instead, you find other things around the house and make them into clothing through an arts and crafts session. Some of the best costume components I have seen include bin-bag dresses, lampshade hats, and pizza box shorts. Clearly, this theme gives you the chance to fulfil all of your Project Runway dreams.

British Icons

The Queen, Rachel from X-Factor, Elton John, the GoCompare man, William Shakespeare, Tracy Beaker, the Spice Girls. Do I really need to say anymore? Grab some union jacks, a teapot (filled with your choice of alcoholic drink, of course) and get your groove on with the most iconic people from this tiny island in the North Sea we call home.


Instead of having to throw a bunch of parties for different holidays throughout the year, why not celebrate them all at once? Nothing quite beats the insanity of seeing a Christmas tree, jack o’lanterns, and the Easter bunny all in the same room at once.

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