The Best Websites For Graduate Jobs
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The Best Websites For Graduate Jobs

Maddy Burgess March 4, 2023

We’re well into the semester of another academic year so that means for third years, the grad job hunt begins. Graduating from university can feel really daunting and most people don’t know what they want to do next, whether it’s a gap year, to travel, or just go straight into the working world. If the last option is what you’re planning to do, here are  the best websites for finding graduate jobs to get you started.

We know graduation is daunting, but there are ways to make that awkward jobs search a lot easier.

Bright Network

Bright Network is a great starting point for finding grad roles to apply to. You can filter jobs by location, sector, employer and job type or if you just want to see what’s out there you don’t have to filter it.  You can add jobs that you’re interested in to their ‘deadline tracker’ feature and be notified when you have an application deadline approaching.


Milkround is very similar to Bright Network and is definitely one of the best websites for graduate jobs. From consultancy to medical to travel, everything is categorised and easy to find. You might even find a sector you didn’t know existed but is perfect for you.

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Indeed and Total Jobs

General job websites that aren’t specifically just grad jobs are often overlooked but they are so useful. Some of the best sites are Indeed and Total Jobs. As well as big graduate schemes you can also find smaller companies that are hiring. Even though some jobs aren’t labelled a grad job, they  will let you postpone until you graduate so it’s always worth a shot if it’s a job you really want.


LinkedIn is a great tool for job searching and even just reaching out to people to ask. You can find someone who works at your dream company, drop them a message and ask if they have any opportunities coming up. You can also showcase all of your great work on your profile.

Save the Student

Save the Student have put together a handy list of most 2022/2023 graduate schemes and when they close so this is a really useful resource to have. They also publish articles explaining everything from what kind of salary you should be expecting in your field to the highest paying degrees and how to land a part time job.

Your University Careers Website

Finally, this is another one that’s overlooked but so incredibly useful. All universities will have a careers website and department whose job it is to help you. They should be your first port of call and they can point you in the right direction of jobs that are available in your field.

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