The Cheapest Nights Out At Cardiff University
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The Cheapest Nights Out At Cardiff University

Cicely McFarlane March 6, 2022

If you are like me, saying no to a night out or a few cocktails can be nearly impossible while living in your university environment. I came to Cardiff four years ago and have since completed my undergrad in history. I’m now studying for my postgrad in journalism. Having a flexible Uni schedule has allowed me to find my feet socially and discover what types of evenings I really enjoy. However, this of course can be challenging with financial parameters. So I have some tips and tricks on how to enjoy nights out with your university friends on a budget – specific to Cardiff.

Cardiff has everything within walking distance to the student living area, with only a 10-minute walk until you reach coffee shops, restaurants, cocktail bars, or a huge amount of shops. Cardiff has more shops in one area than anywhere in the UK. So the temptation to splash out is hard to resist.

Cheapest clubs

On certain days as a student in Cardiff you get reduced entry into clubs, club discounts and, if you go through some student reps, free entry or an upgrade to VIP. On Monday you have a club night called ‘quid’s in’ which has £1 drinks at Przym. This is always a good night out and is somewhere that you can rely on to not spend your whole student loan.

Regarding entry fees, Live Lounge is free regardless of the day of the week. This means that you can have a ‘sponty’ night without having to pre-plan or book tickets. The only issue with this is the long queues, especially on weekends. Not having guaranteed entry can deter people. However, if you plan your times correctly, it will save you money by not paying for tickets. Social media sites and university pages will offer many club discounts on drinks and entry. So be sure to add yourself to your university’s Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to not miss out.

Cheapest cocktail places

As Cardiff is so packed full of restaurants and cocktail bars, many establishments offer happy hour and two-for-one deals. This becomes a lifesaver when you’re at Uni, as going out with your friends for cocktails doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Slug and Lettuce always do two-for-one. In Cardiff places like Las Iguanas, Revolution to Cuba, Turtle Bay and the Caribbean inspired bar called Irie Shack, provide tasty, strong and cheap cocktails. This allows you to get your money’s worth while keeping to your weekly budget.

Apps to use for discount codes

Uni days and other discount-saving options have become a daily occurrence for me as a fourth-year student. Always ask places for a student discount and apply codes to companies such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo. This will dramatically assist you in not overspending.

Apps such as ‘too good to go’ hand out magic bags at a decreased cost. This not only helps the fight against food waste. It also massively helps students who are on a budget to still enjoy their favourite tasty treats. Setting your location and turning on notifications will ensure you never miss out due to your financial situation.

Cardiff is a very good university to have a packed social life without spending your entire student loan in a week. Planning and looking at restaurant menus and cocktail deals, applying discount codes and, most importantly, attending student club nights, have given me the ability to enjoy my time at university and go out as much as I can socially, even with financial restrictions.

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Cicely McFarlane is a 23-year-old Graduate from Cardiff University. She has an undergraduate degree in History, and has just completed her master’s in Journalism, Media, and Communications. Whilst studying, she contributed to the Student Newspaper, as well as the student magazine named Quench. This fuelled her passion for writing further and enjoys reviews on the latest trends and TV shows, as well as commenting on important issues that occur today. She is a content writer for Freshered Magazine for over a year where she specifically tailors and creates articles for the Freshered audience. She is excited to grow as a journalist as she continues to expand her topics and horizons.