The Five Types of student Housemate
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The Five Different Types of Student Housemate

Jennifer Prince January 12, 2022

University brings together a wonderful yet eclectic mixture of people. It just so happens that
students from various backgrounds, towns, and cities across the country all chose the same place to
study. But even though every student’s experience is different, they will always come across the
same types of housemate. Love them or hate them, university wouldn’t be the same without them. So here are the five types of student housemate:

1) The one that’s baffled by a mop

The first, and perhaps most annoying, is the housemate whose parents have definitely done
everything for them since the day they were born. When it comes to cooking, cleaning or
washing their clothes, they are clueless. Bless them! Living independently is about to be one steep
learning curve.

No doubt, they are probably an only child, or the youngest, and of course they were
catered in first year. Nevertheless, as annoying as it is that they leave their washing up to fester
for days, it is endlessly entertaining to see the concoctions of food they burn for dinner. They
will work out how to make a stir fry and pesto pasta soon enough. Adulting is overrated after all,

2) The Night Owl

This housemate needs a dictionary to find out what a morning is. To them, there is only one 8 o’clock in the day – in the evening. They are the type of person who is happy enough to sleep in leisurely every morning and rise for breakfast at midday. On a night out they are in their absolute prime, because they live on a schedule completely opposite to the rest of society.

Despite their exposure to sunlight in winter being on the same level as a vampire, they will never
change. Writing essays late at night seems to work for them, and you love them for it. You can
count on them to never wake you up early, and to always be on hand for a midnight snack.

3) The one who has their life together

If this is you, congratulations. Student life is a rollercoaster, but this housemate seems to take it
in their stride. This housemate varies in each group, but one thing is certain – they are nearly
always a morning person. Maybe they go to every lecture, maybe they are a regular at the gym,
or always seem to be ‘popping out’ for a run. Maybe they dress well every day, or their room is
never messy. Maybe they eat smoothies for breakfast and salads for dinner and never order a
takeaway, or maybe they have a graduate job and five-year career plan lined up.

Secretly though, they are just like the rest of us; just as stressed, just as homesick, and enjoying student life their
way. Truly, no one has their life together completely, even though we all wish we did.

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4) The Couple

This loved-up pair met at university and cannot seem to spend a minute apart since. You signed
a house contract with one of them, but somehow ended up with their partner living rent-free in
your accommodation. At this point, they probably do their weekly shop together. As much as the
partner’s habits are frustrating (e.g. taking too long in the shower or leaving the toilet seat up),
you would much rather put up with them than have your housemate upset from a breakup.

Keep telling yourself you only have to put up with this for a year.

5) The Odd One Out

There is no easy way of saying this. This housemate regrets their house choice. If it is a first year
flat, they were simply unlucky and, if it is a second year house, they signed the contract too early.
This does not mean they do not like their other housemates, you may get on well, but somehow you
are just not the right kind of people for each other. You will live together nicely enough for
the year (or not, in a few rare cases) and then part ways to live in separate houses. They will be
replaced next year by…

6) The Bonus Housemate

The bonus housemate is the odd one out in their house. This is the pal that you made friends
with just a bit too late. They practically live at your house – they come on every house night out,
every film night, even the house Christmas dinner. You wish you lived with them, and they feel
the same. Still, there is always next year.

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