The Hilarious BeReal Memes Taking Over Twitter
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The Hilarious BeReal Memes Taking Over Twitter

Caitlin Hamill July 20, 2022

Everyone is currently obsessed with BeReal, the app that sends users a notification at a random time once a day, and prompts you to take a photo using your front and back cameras. BeReal gives you a real insight into your friends lives, whether they are eating lunch, in bed watching Netflix, or standing in front of the pyramids of Giza.

Most of the time, the app does a fantastic job of making users’ lives look incredibly boring. The notification has a habit of going off when all of us are at home doing absolutely nothing. Yet the memes make the lives of those featuring in them look rather eventful.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

The BeReal meme started to circulate on Twitter a couple of days ago, and users are getting creative by taking screenshots from moments in popular film and TV series to design some iconic BeReals.

Using the same format as the app, the memes feature a small selfie in the top left hand corner of the person supposedly taking the BeReal. The background features a photo which was supposedly taken by the back camera.

Here are some of our favourite of the BeReal memes

It would have been quite inconvenient for Eddie if the timer had gone off in this moment…

Regina’s mum would definitely have BeReal. She’s a cool mum, remember.

Even Love Island have got on board with the trend.

Long live the Drake memes.

Ok, everybody give up. This one wins.

Although the trend is just taking off, it is already proving to be hilarious and extremely popular among Twitter users.

There is no doubt that Twitter will be plastered in the memes within a couple of days, and we can’t wait to see what the creative minds out there come up with.

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