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The Laundry And Taxes Twitter Meme Has Hilarious Results

Jasmyne Jeffery March 29, 2023

Just because you win all the major awards at the Oscars, doesn’t mean you’re safe from getting the meme treatment. Though Everything, Everywhere, All At Once has been out for a while now, one iconic line is only just doing the round on Twitter. We explain the laundry and taxes meme and give you some of the most hilarious examples.

After Twitter uses edited screengrabs to make it look like the line came from other films, TV shows and more, it’s some hilarious results.

The Laundry And Taxes Meme Explained

Those who have seen the Best Picture winner will know there’s a certain line that’s pretty heartbreaking in the film.

Delivered by Ke Huy Quan’s character, who won Best Supporting Actor for the role, he turns to Michelle Yeoh and says the following:

“in another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you.”

Though in the film it’s a truly touching moment, it’s now become a meme after people have edited it into other things. Most of the time, it’s edited into moments from films where it wouldn’t, but sometimes still makes sense…in a hilarious way. Other times, it’s been slightly adapted to follow the plot of that film a little more. Either way, they get the giggles in.

It’s been all over Twitter for the last few days, with more and more ridiculous examples being made.

Hilarious Examples of the EEAAO Meme On Twitter

The only thing left to do is to scroll through of compilation of the Everything, Everywhere All At Once memes. Not only will you get a proper idea of what the meme is, but you’ll see just how funny it is.

If you could sum up The Banshees of Inisherin in one line, then the laundry and taxes meme has done just that.

They’d probably have a dog as well we think.

They definitely would have separated the dark and white loads.

Not sure the show would have been quite as popular, but it definitely would have been cute.

This one isn’t funny, but we’re still mad about it.

Now that’s a comic we would read.

Even if you’re not a film character, you can’t escape the laundry and taxes meme.

This laundry and taxes meme edit was always going to happen.

What a power couple they would be.

If these two weren’t your favourite in Night At The Museum then you’re wrong. Really, they kind of do experience Everything, Everywhere All At Once.

The laundry and taxes meme has definitely taken off and there are plenty more examples where they came from if this hasn’t filled the spot.

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