The Most Hated Man On The Internet is the latest documentary to excite Netflix fans. It is a great (and heartbreaking) series as you hear from those who encountered Hunter Moore and the stories of what they went through from him creating a porn revenge website called

This documentary highlights the experiences that many young women went through when their naked pictures were taken from their private email accounts and exposed online for all to see. This also demonstrates the huge repercussions this had on their livelihood, as well as their mental health.

The documentary shows a timeline of how Moore got away with doing this for so long and his eventual demise through an FBI investigation. This uncovered that the images he was posting came from being involved in a hacking scheme.

What’s In the Series?

One of the victim’s mothers is called Charlotte laws. She was a true force of nature and one that Moore wishes he had never encountered.

Ireland Set To Make Revenge Porn Illegal
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She would not rest until her daughter’s picture was off the website, but also until there was justice for the victims of the site and this hacking scheme.

What’s truly disgusting about this documentary is the lack of remorse that Moore felt.

He created this persona of a true bad boy, someone without any feelings when hurting those around him, and put out this sense that he was untouchable.

This is not the case as he got sentenced to two years and six months for his crimes.

Where is Hunter Moore Now?

In 2022, Moore is a free man and is still writing some truly despicable opinions on his Twitter page.

As much as this documentary was very much needed to highlight justice for the victims of these crimes, it has also hugely inflated Moore’s ego and persona of the most hated man on the internet, which he now views as his celebrity moniker and something to live up to.