As Per My Last Email Meme Explained and 10 Hilarious Examples
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As Per My Last Email Meme Explained and 10 Hilarious Examples

Rachael Grealish March 22, 2022

If you’ve ever had a semi-hostile or passive aggressive message sent to you at work, you’ll likely have heard the phrase ‘per my last email’ and now people are turning into a meme we can all love.

‘I’m re-attaching for convenience’, ‘just checking in’, and ‘per my last email’ are the cringe-worthy clichés we’ve all used – don’t deny it – and due to the widely used nature of them it’s easy for us to share a meme we can all relate to.

What Does ‘Per My Last Email’ Mean?

Have you ever sent an email to someone, waited days, and still not got anything back? Well, this is the moment you send the dreaded ‘per my last email’ message to someone.

What you would really like to say to your colleague is: ‘This is the second time I’m telling you this. I don’t want to have to tell you again. Stop ignoring me!’

But that’s completely unprofessional. So instead we opt to say ‘per my last email’, because a hostile workplace is not a happy workplace. Basically it’s a civil and neutral attempt at this.

However, because we all do it, we all know what we mean, and we all know it’s definitely laced with a touch of sarcasm.

Just a heads up. As it is such a universally used phrase, the chance is the person on the receiving end has definitely caught on to its passive aggressive use. Even if you never actually intended to be passive aggressive with them, sorry.

The Rise Of The Meme

Many things bring us together on the internet, but nothing quite as much as sharing our plight and complaints. In comes a meme we can all relate to, laugh at, and share.

This meme in particular is doing the rounds and, if you’ve ever used the phrase, you’ll absolutely relate. There are some that are just *chef’s kiss* perfect.

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