The Queen's Best Outfits As We Celebrate Platinum Jubilee
The Queen Visits West Sussex
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The Queen's Best Outfits As We Celebrate Platinum Jubilee

Cicely McFarlane May 31, 2022

As the Queen’s 70th jubilee approaches, she is very much in the limelight in the UK media.

The Queen’s outfits, especially on Christmas Day, are always a hot topic of discussion.

She really has coined the fashion of a skirt and jacket co-ord suit. But what are the public’s most remembered, favourite looks that our monarch has worn throughout the years.

Below are some of the most absolutely adored outfits, where she wore them, and when. Her fashion sense has been described as a rainbow, as her coordination has ranged from all ends of the colour spectrum.

Queen of Hearts

There have been multiple occasions when the Queen has taken to a completely red look; often including a Red Hat or fascinator of some sort.

The look from 1989, when she visited St Anne’s church, really does define the term monochromatic. As does her 2006 look at her 80th birthday celebrations at Windsor Castle.

Again, a full red outfit and matching hat outfit was worn for Sunday service in 2016. In later years, such as 2018, she moved more to a mauve colour for the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Green with Jealousy

Green can be a hard colour for people to pull off, especially lime, but our Queen doesn’t shy away from a colourful wardrobe.

This is demonstrated below in an image from her late husband’s 80th birthday celebrations.

This once again highlights her love for a standout colourful outfit…and she certainly pulls it off.


Royal in Blue

Personally, I think the most popular colourful outfit that the queen is featured in is light blue.

These different shades of blue are warn by the Queen on many different occasions. One of the most coordinated outfits was the 2017 opening of the newly refurbished National Army Museum.

Photo by Geoff Pugh – WPA Pool/Getty Images

This same pastel blue was worn in 1977 as she visited Scotland.

This goes to show that, over the years, many things have changed within her country. Yet the Queen’s love for a colourful and coordinated wardrobe clearly has not.

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