The soundtrack to your final year at university
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The soundtrack to your final year at university

Jennifer Prince January 17, 2022

Presenting brilliant times, a few cries, and a broken bank account. Your last year as a student is one not to be forgotten. So here it is summed up entirely in the form of music. This is the soundtrack to your final year at university.

Roll with it – Oasis

Here we go again. One last year before you will have earnt your degree. By this point, you know your way around your university city and campus, you have some idea of how to pass each module, and you have established some amazing friends. There is so much more fun to come. But you will have to roll with everything that comes with the stress of assignments, dissertations, social events, and job-hunting to name a few. Amid the unpredictability, ‘take your time’ and ‘don’t let anybody get in your way’ of that end goal.

Don’t stop the party – Pitbull feat. TJR

Proper adulthood and a full-time job are approaching fast. Unless a postgraduate degree or travelling is on the cards, you really don’t want the party that is university to stop quite yet. All you want is a good time while you’re here, so you can graduate with great memories.

Last night – The Vamps

Okay, maybe that specific party should have stopped earlier. But who can argue with Pitbull?

You might be waking up in the afternoon, not the morning, but the hangover you’re nursing is unlikely to stop you from doing it all again. Hangxiety aside, get your dancing shoes back on.

Mo money – Galantis

In theory, if you do not look at your online banking, you can ignore the consequences of your actions. In reality, it is time to make the overdraft last until the next student loan. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Stressed out – Twenty one pilots

‘Wish we could turn back time to the good old days’ of first year when assignment marks did not count and your whole university experience was yet to come. If only time travel was possible. Until then, back to the library it is.

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

An anthem for students everywhere. Natasha really hit the nail on the head with the line ‘staring at the blank page before you’. The essays cannot remain unwritten forever. Deadline-induced panic will set in soon so you can write one word, then another, then another, followed by a few thousand more.

Work b*tch – Britney Spears

Perhaps the most motivating song of all time. This should be the alarm clock sound of every third-year student. Britney said get up and work hard if you want to be successful and finish this degree. If living fancy and partying in France is not your idea of a good time, the essence of Britney’s message is still relevant. ‘Now get to work’, or start tomorrow, I’m not the boss of you.

The lazy song – Bruno Mars

Bruno gets it. Today really is not todaying like today should. Time to spend the day in bed and try again tomorrow. Sleep tight!

Does your mother know – ABBA

Look, there are things that Mum does not need to know. But seriously, when was the last time you rang home? Being caught up in the whirlwind of final year means reminding yourself to update family, friends and loved one on what you are up to. Who knows, they probably have some news, too.

No tears left to cry – Ariana Grande

There is no shame in it. Each and every student cries at least once during final year. A big cry is good for the soul. When there are no tears left, or no time for them in exam season, you can channel this song as your anthem to push through to the all-important celebrations.

Vienna – Billy Joel

This tune somehow masters mixing motivation and de-stressing. When you are having a bad day, this song is a great reminder to ‘slow down you’re doing fine’. I do not know how, but the message ‘you can get what you want or you can just get old’ strangely is not fear-provoking.

Everything changes in the end – Vistas

A song that feels like summer represents the reality that the end of the year will roll around as it does every year. After exams is a time to spend carefree with university friends before everything does change. You will go your separate ways but not without staying in touch, cheering each other on and meeting up regularly. Bittersweets with extra emphasis on the sweet.

Be young, be foolish, be happy

Overall, final year is a time to be exactly what the title of this song says: young, foolish, and happy. It is a reminder that, although final year seems like one last obstacle after three years of growing up, it is still a time when we all merrily stumble our way through, with only the odd mistake. At least, that is what I’m doing.

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