Study accounts have evolved over time. I used to watch videos on ‘the best revision tips’ knowing full well that they would just be relaying old information I’d heard time and time again; the perfect distraction from making those GCSE flashcards I’d been putting off doing. However, as I got through my A Levels and started my University course, some of the study content available has actually become quite useful.

So if you are struggling with pending assignments and exams it may be worth looking to the ‘experts’ who have already been there and done it – somewhat successfully. Here’s a rundown of my favourite accounts for all of those study tips and tricks!

#1 – @study_latte

There’s a lot to love when it comes to Tiff’s Studygram! Her username super relatable (I mean who doesn’t study alongside a Costa or Starbucks latte?). While her feed’s aesthetic is super cute. Her posts follow a consistent pink theme, which I personally am OBSESSED with! While Tiff is still in school herself, her tips and advice are useful no matter what level of education you are studying.

Scrolling through her feed you will be sure to find advice on the best study apps to suit different types of people, tips on how you can become more productive and how to tackle procrastination. Alongside these posts, Tiff also posts ‘Study With Me’ videos on Youtube. These are so satisfying to watch as she sets her work out so neatly. She’s like a virtual study buddy. Her account makes studying for exams actually look somewhat enjoyable. Anyone for a latte?

#2 – @studywithara

Ara seems like the ‘perfect’ university student, and she is, if her Instagram is anything to go by! I’ve never met a student with a desk as well organised and tidy as Ara’s. I know mine certainly looks a hot mess in comparison. Ara studies Pharmacology and Physiology and provides lots of study tips alongside uni vlogs, to her followers. She also posts downloadable, laptop screen wallpapers that are super cute and will put you in the mood to sit down and get to work. I was very interested by her posts about active recall methods and will adopt these techniques in the future. It’s certainly worth a look at!

#3 – @studyingdigital

Amy is far from traditional when it comes to studying, which is what makes her account so refreshing. As a physiotherapy student, she decided to go paperless and shares her experiences of studying, her top tips for note taking and exam prep through the use of technology.

Being an old-fashioned pen and paper notetaker myself, I found Amy’s digital notes fascinating. Storing all of your notes online proves to be a great way to keep everything organised! With the use of stylus pens and an Ipad, she shows that you can have the best of both worlds, handwriting and drawing notes onto a digital device.

If you are looking for a study account with a personal touch then @studyingdigital is the account to follow. Amy includes personal experiences with mental health struggles in her posts and often checks in with her followers to make sure they are doing okay!

#4 – @emilystudying

Emily combines both traditional and modern methods of studying, befriending paper notebooks and Ipads. With colourful and well organised notes, I especially love hearing Emily’s advice on the best ways to take notes in lectures. I don’t know about you but sometimes lectures can hit you with an information overload. Luckily, with the help of Emily, we can all learn to prioritise information and filter out the bits we don’t need. Now’s time for us to invest in some colourful pens so our notes can look as cool as Emily’s!

#5 – @studieswithjessica

Jess has had her fair share of studying experience! Now enjoying her time as a PGR Doctoral Researcher, Jess’s studying methods have got her through both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. In short, if there’s anybody to take advice from, it’s Jess!

Her account covers everything from study playlists and podcast recommendations to referencing guides (in a simple form that we can actually understand!) The best thing about Jess’s account is that she is super relatable and she sure knows how to get artsy with her notes, giving us some major study inspo! She covers every aspect of studying. So, if you are struggling with anything at all or just need some advice, chances are that Jess’s studygram will have what you need.