Things Every Student House Needs
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The Things Every Student House Needs

Michael Rodrigues De Jesus September 19, 2022

The real essentials of student living aren’t pots and pans. This article will tell you what they truly are. Below are the things every student house needs to make the most of your time at university.

Rehydration Tablets/Sachets

If you’re a university student and you don’t have these in your house, then you are doing something wrong. This is an essential for those who enjoy clubbing and drinking perhaps a little too much. 

Taking one of these before going to bed after a night out has saved me from some very nasty hangovers. Hangovers are caused by both the toxic effects of alcohol on our bodies and dehydration. So, if you take care of one of the two issues, then you’ll be feeling much better! 

Communal Spice Rack

As a university student, having a communal spice rack is a life-saver! Spices are probably the one thing that are constant in our cupboards. They last forever and a little tends to go a long way. With that in mind, there is no need for everyone in your house to have their own salt, pepper, chilli flakes and so on. 

So why not invest in a spice rack that you can all contribute to and share from! 

Tally Chart

Tally charts are a classic element of the university experience. Having a space where you can see all the embarrassing and funny moments shared between you and your housemates will add just a bit more fun to your days. 

For example, you can count up how many times someone’s been locked out of the house, how many free drinks they’ve received and so on. 

What makes these charts fun is that they are completely customisable. You can have whatever categories you want, decorate it however you see fit, and display it wherever you like!

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A House Mascot

A house isn’t a home without some decoration and what better than a house mascot?

My student house currently has three mascots (yes, it’s crowded). Our mascots are Shrek, a cut-out of Piers Brosnan and a tall, somewhat scary, snowman.

Mascots bring some life and character into an otherwise messy and chaotic communal space. Granted, the mascots will probably contribute to the chaos, so I suppose it’s down to you and your housemates whether you need one. 


If a house isn’t complete without a mascot, then it certainly isn’t complete without a sentimental touch. Your family homes are likely full of picture frames with family photos, so why should your university house be any different?

Sticking up photos of yourself and your housemates in your communal spaces will help to make the space feel more “yours”. On top of that, this will add some personality to the room and, if you have seen the walls of some student housing, you will know that it looks better when covered. 

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