Prince William Selling Big Issue Is Potentially Problematic
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Prince William Selling Big Issue Is Potentially Problematic

Jasmyne Jeffery June 15, 2022

Late last week Prince William was spotted selling Big Issue magazine ‘quietly’ in London. But just how incognito can he be?

Many shared photos with HRH after he was ‘discovered’ selling Big Issue magazine in central London on Thursday afternoon. Once news spread online, people quickly praised his ‘low-key’ charitable antics.

Should Prince William be praised?

His appearance definitely brings awareness to the charity, which typically employs the homeless or the long-termed unemployed. Plus, I’m sure plenty of those who spotted him purchased the magazine after interacting with the Prince. The lack of publicity on the activity beforehand is what most are praising. That the Prince didn’t want any special recognition and was just helping a charity close to his heart.

Certainly, it was an interesting opportunity for him to interact with the general public, particularly after the Jubilee celebrations. Apparently selling the magazine for ‘a good 45 minutes’, this isn’t the first time the future King has partaken in ‘low-key’ activities.

In November 2020, Prince William worked with volunteers of The Passage charity, serving hot meals to those in need. Obviously a recurring activity – does his charitable work come from a good place?

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On The Flip Side

While it is undeniably a nice act, could it be considered a little out of touch? Although possibly unwanted, Prince William is a representative of the utmost higher class – heir to the throne of the institution.

He’s never had to worry about being homeless, poor or unemployed. £28 million of tax payer’s money paid for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Was highlighting the vast amount of homeless on our doorsteps a bit of a slap in the face?

What difference would that money make to the homeless? Or the money HRH receives every year? Instead of a bit of publicity for his image, maybe actual financial aid would have been more helpful.

It was also incredibly likely Prince William would have been spotted. After a week of his family plastered over our screens, even a cap and a pair of jeans wasn’t going to disguise him. That’s not to say it was all a publicity stunt – but he was always going to be recognised and it was always going to look good.

It can be viewed both ways. Whatever opinion you have of the Royal family generally will definitely influence your thoughts. Was the immediate praise for the Prince a little naïve given the current state of our country?

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