Three Top Beaches Around North Devon And Must-Do Activities
Will Bailey Team Volcom surfer, surfing in North Devon on Pyzel surfboard with FCS fins.
Photo by Croyde Bay on Unsplash

Three Top Beaches Around North Devon And Must-Do Activities

Cicely McFarlane June 3, 2022

This beautiful place in England is one that everybody must visit if they can. With blue skies and beautiful beaches, North Devon really will feel like you are abroad instead of in the United Kingdom.

There are many beautiful walks that you can enjoy, beaches to relax on, activities to do, and of course a lovely sea to cool down in on those extra hot days.

After my family moved here relatively recently, I’ve been discovering some amazing places and activities to do in and around North Devon. Some of my favourites are listed below.

Surfing Lessons

The beaches I have listed below are all amazing places to try surfing. Even if you have never experienced it before,  =these places have huts where you can take on some lessons to try to get the hang of the surfing culture.

If you’re a water baby, this is a great activity that you and your friends must try.

Practice does make perfect and, even though you might fall off 100 times, attempting to stand up, the closer you get to surfing does make it all worthwhile.

Photo by: Nik Taylor/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Saunton Sands

This beach stretches 3.4 miles and is perfect for surfers and dog walkers, as well as enjoying a beach BBQ.

You can rent a colourful beach hut for the day, to store your belongings and relax for only 15 pounds. This beach is open to dogs throughout the whole year and is a great place for an afternoon walk.

Wild Pear Beach

For those who like a bit of kayaking or adventure, this is the place for you. Just after a short hike, you can find yourself in this idyllic setting – which is surrounded by high cliffs that form a protected cove.

This is a perfect spot to swim in, as there are no high waves. That means you can enjoy the beautiful nature walk before cooling off in the sea.

Rockham Bay

For those who enjoy more of an adventure beach day, rather than sitting back and tanning, this place is for you.

Here you can go rock pooling, wreck exploring and even camp if you wish to do so. There is a campsite no more than 50 meters from the beach, so you don’t have to worry about getting there and back all in one day.

The currents here are strong, so make sure you are a good swimmer, or just stick to paddling for the day. Dogs are welcome here throughout the year so, once again, you can enjoy some downtime as a family.

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