TikTok Users Fail Trying L'Oréal Paris Root Spray Faux Freckles Trend
Credit: TikTok/Maggiea22

TikTok Users Fail Trying L'Oréal Paris Root Spray Faux Freckles Trend

Rachael Grealish April 27, 2022

TikTok is great for creating viral trends and the latest one has users all over trying, and failing, to recreate faux freckles using L’Oréal Paris root spray.

Freckles can be so beautiful, however getting them can be harmful due to the sun damage needed if you don’t have them naturally this means people are turning to different at-home methods to fake it.

What is the faux freckles trend?

Faking freckles is not a new trend – in fact Vogue actually wrote a whole article about faux freckles right back in 1967 and since then people have been trying various ways to make do it themselves.

There’s been so many different attempts to recreate that sun kissed freckles look; from using an eye pencil or pen right through to people getting them permanently tattooed on their skin, or even using hair dye – however the latter is not recommended as it can be damaging to your skin. Now the latest the L’Oréal Paris Root Cover Up spray.

The spray was intended to be used in between hair dyes to hide those pesky greys. But now make up enthusiasts are attempting to use it to make them selves appear to have freckles and one TikTokker has really sent it viral after she tried it and it went perfectly and had the desired effect.

Sydney Purl has now racked up over 187k likes on the video and it was viewed almost 2 million times as she sprays the hair touch up on her face to recreate freckles.

Freckle trend fails

However, for every person who nails the trends there’s likely to be ten more who call it out to be an absolute fail.

One beauty enthusiast took to the app to share her experience using the spray – and it’s safe to say she didn’t get the desired effect. In the video – which includes the caption ‘How did I ever think this was gunna [sic] look good’ – Maggie A tries it out and it doesn’t go well. In fact, she actually says it’s ‘the worst thing I’ve ever done’ as the dark splatter is over her nose and upper lip.


How did I ever think this was gunna look good🙃 #fauxfreckles #fauxfreckle

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Maggie isn’t the only one to not instantly fall in love with this trend, another user ended up with a dark splatter over her nose and rightfully captioned her video ‘fail’.

There are plenty of users who’ve nailed the look, and there are plenty who got a good laugh attempting it.

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