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Tinder Is For Losers: Tips To Up Your Hinge Game

Emma Booth April 19, 2022

Tinder? Who’s that? 

The majority of Gen Z can agree that Tinder has endured a slow death. No one can be bothered to entertain ‘f**k boys’ or spend a precious evening entertaining someone based on a few photos with their dog.

Dating apps have levelled up. 

Hinge is to the new generation what the local ‘trendy bar’ was to our parents. Not only does the app allow users to convey their sense of humour with the ‘prompts’, it also provides an indication of lifestyle choices and background. 

Do you want to go out with a liberal anti-vaxer who doesn’t drink? Maybe. 

What about an aerospace engineer who does drugs and is religious? Possibly. 

Essentially there are options for all. 

With this however comes the chore of building your profile and making sure it’s an accurate reflection of who you are (or at least what you want potential suitors to think you are). Having exercised my Hinge-days to the max, I hereby present an honest (nay brutal) range of tips to really up your hinge game.

No one likes a catfish 

Given that dating apps encourage meeting in real life, pretending to be someone you’re not simply won’t work. Being short is fine, although being 5 foot 6 with a profile that states 6 foot 1 is not. You’re going to get caught out; same with the overuse of filters and photoshop. Avoid cat fishing and do yourself some first date favours.

Only one group photo, thanks.

Your profile should avoid being a game of ‘who actually is this’. Sure, use one of the photos to show you’ve got friends, although unless you’re looking for a thruple, you don’t need half the student population displayed on your profile.

Get. Rid. Of. The. Dog.

Someone, somewhere wrote an article once stating that showing your dog in your Hinge/Tinder/Bumble profile will make people think that you’re kind and lovable. Well…newsflash, it’s desperate, get rid. Having a dog isn’t a personality trait and, in turn, will only make you look like you’re lacking in other areas. Don’t allow anyone to date you for your dog. 

Keep some things private

You never know who you’re going to *bump* into on Hinge, so make sure you don’t go oversharing in certain… maybe more personal… ways. Dating apps are still a form of social media so, if you’re not happy to share with the world, leave it out. Remember: potential matches can always find out later.

Authenticity darlings

Let’s not pretend you’re a Champagne socialist when, in reality, weekends are spent necking WKD in the SU. If you love going out and getting wild, why is every photo taken on a family holiday? Dating is all about transparency, so there’s no point posting photos taken at fancy bars if you’re on a baked bean budget. Frauds aren’t fun.

Have fun

Everyone knows the D in ‘dating’ stands for ‘dangerously fun’. Have a laugh with your profile, don’t take it too seriously. While marriage is always a possibility (arguably in anything), nothing has to end in lifelong commitment. Have a laugh with your profile and see where it takes you.

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Having graduated from UAL in 2021 with a degree in Magazine Journalism and Publishing, Emma Booth is a writer, wannabe publisher, occasional art-maker and full time twenty-something. (edited)