Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter As Energy Bill Prices Rise
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Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter As Energy Bill Prices Rise

Jasmyne Jeffery October 9, 2022

October is here which means the colder weather has started and energy bill prices have started to rise, so it’s always good to get tips for keeping warm.

The temperature has already begun to drop, but many are delaying putting on the heating due to the hefty expense. However, nobody should be going cold and there are plenty of ways for keeping warm this winter whilst leaving the radiator off, and we have some tips.

Tips for keeping warm:

Blankets, blankets and more blankets

Relatively cheap and definitely snugly – blankets and layers will become a go-to this winter. I have a little basket in my living filled to the brim with cosy blankets ready and waiting for when I get a little chilly. Grab your favourite oversized blanket, wrap it around yourself over and over and you’ll be warm in no time.

You can even get yourself one with a hood and inserts for your feet so your toes are toasty too. I fully recommend using a couple of blankets too: Get yourself one to sit on and one to go over you – that way the warmth has nowhere to go.

Replace your kettle

Kettles can be expensive to keep turning on throughout the day, however, they are great for keeping you warm. Alternatives would be getting a thermos flask (so you can fill it with boiling water at the start of the day) or getting yourself a boiler tap/boiling water dispenser.

I have a boiling water dispenser and it’s incredibly useful. It only boils the water you’re using, and it does it in three seconds – saving the pennies wasted on a kettle.

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That way, you can have plenty of tea, coffee and hot water bottles without the unnecessary cost. You can hold that cuppa a little closer a little more often.

Keep on your toes

Of course, the colder months mean plenty of cosying up and watching films whilst the weather batters the window. However, keeping still means you’re more likely to be cold. Getting up, moving about and staying active is great for keeping warm. You don’t have to go outside (though that’ll make you appreciate the inside more), but a little exercise here and there keeps the cold away.


Not only are they great for decorating, but certain furnishings are good for keeping the heat in. Thick, long curtains, and rugs help to keep your place warm. During the day, you should let the sun in as much as possible for some natural warmth, but keep the tightly shut in the evenings to shut out the cold.

Carpet is also much warmer than wooden flooring. Of course, you can’t go replacing your floor but can get some cute fluffy rugs to help with insulation. Plus, your feet will appreciate the comfort.

Adding to this, keep doors shut. Even if you live in a little studio flat, keeping bedroom, bathroom and kitchen doors shut means the heat stays in the room you’re in. If you do put your heating on, you won’t need it on for nearly as long or nearly as high if it only needs to heat one room.

Keep your friends close, but your pets closer

Body heat is the best way to warm up. During the heatwave, it was recommended that people sleep in separate rooms to avoid the extra heat. Now it’s colder, hugs are for everyone, including your pets. Pets are renowned for being personified by hot water bottles, so cuddle up on the sofa with your pooch and you’ll be feeling warmer in no time.

Now, we all know that pets aren’t just for Christmas, so don’t buy a dog just for winter. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a four-legged friend, invite your friends over for a revision session or a coffee catch-up. You don’t even have to snuggle, just having them in the room will warm the place up.

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