Tips For Students To Get Cheap Holidays This Summer
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Tips For Students To Get Cheap Holidays

Victoria Causley February 11, 2023

University life can be hard, so it’s no surprise you’re in need of a holiday! Or maybe you’re graduating this year and fancy booking an ‘end of an era’ trip with your pals? Either way, you want to try and do it as cheap as possible. Cheap holidays for students are the Holy Grail for many.

So, here are a few travel tips to save a few precious pounds here and there.

1. Cheap flights

If you haven’t used it already, then make sure you hop onto Sky Scanner. This is a metasearch engine and travel agency that compares different hotels and transport to book your trip – finding you the cheapest ones. It’s great if you’re new to booking flights as it’s super clear and easy to follow too.

Find the cheapest flights available during the time you want to get away and see if any of those places appeal to you. In short, this is an ideal way for students to identify cheap holidays.

2. Luggage

If you’re only going for a short break then try to stick to using only hand luggage. This means you won’t have to pay for any additional flight ‘add ons’ and you can still pack lots of stuff. Buy a little suitcase that fits the flight requirements and fill it as best you can. Make sure you check the measurement requirements for your specific airline before you pack.

Top Tip #1: Packing cubes will save you a lot of space.

It also means you cut your waiting time down as you don’t have to hang about after your flight to collect your big luggage.

Top Tip #2: Try layering up. If you have to wear an extra jacket or jumper on the flight, this gives you more space to pack another pair of shoes in your bag. And you definitely won’t be the only ones doing this.

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3. Accommodation

If you’re not too worried about staying in expensive, posh accommodation, then give hostels a go. They’re super cheap in most places and you tend to meet a lot of fun people there, too. You might even make some new friends to enjoy your trip with.

Top Tip #3: If you decide you want to backpack around somewhere for a bit, you can even volunteer at hostels and get either free or discounted accommodation for your time there.

If hostels aren’t for you, take a look on Airbnb and look for some of the cheaper places. They’re not always expensive compared to hotels and, if you’re in a group, it can be fun to have the place to yourself and just split the cost evenly.

4. Budget

Try to save up some money so that you know what your budget is while you’re on holiday. This means you won’t have to worry about it while you’re out there so much.

Find cheaper things to do there, too. Depending on where you are going, a lot of things on holiday are free as it’s usually just nice to soak up the culture of a new area. Try to enjoy the small things.

So if you’re looking to go on holiday during your university years, or if you want to celebrate graduating in the sun, then try booking a trip using these tips.

It’s totally doable and well worth it. And, while you do want to be wise with your money, remember – money returns, memories don’t!

Have fun!

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