Top Tips To Stop Procrastination
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Top Tips To Stop Procrastination

Jasmyne Jeffery April 29, 2022

With distractions around us all the time, it can be difficult to stay focused. Here are some tips I find really helpful to stop procrastination.

I don’t know about you, but even when I want to get a job done, I end up procrastinating. I either end up doing other pointless tasks instead or scroll on TikTok until several hours have accidentally gone by. With university deadlines coming thick and fast, I tested some techniques to help keep me focused.

Put Your Phone Away

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I think we can all agree that our phones are the biggest sources of procrastination. Having it temptingly beside you means it’s always within reaching distance and you’ll end up watching dog videos into the sun has gone down. Not great for productivity. There are several ways to make sure your phone doesn’t distract you.

1. Airplane Mode

If you have some form of self-control, putting your phone on Airplane mode may be enough for you. You won’t receive any messages or notifications until you turn it off again. Of course, you could turn it off immediately – that’s why you have to be stronger than most for this to work.

2. Record a Time-lapse

Set your phone up facing you on either your desk or laptop and record yourself working. You’ll be less tempted to pick up your phone if you can see yourself doing it. Plus, think of how satisfying that time-lapse will be if you leave it long enough! Again, this still leaves your phone within reaching distance so you will still need a level of self-control.

3. Put It In A Different Room

Possibly the most drastic of all, but the most likely to stop you from procrastinating. If you have no self-control (welcome to the club) then putting your phone in a different room maybe your best option. If you want to work for a certain amount of time, set an alarm on your phone and only retrieve it once it goes off. Out of sight means out of mind – once you forget that it’s not beside you, you can really get into the flow.

Still not enough? If even putting it in another room won’t keep you from procrastinating, lock it in a drawer and give the key to someone you live with. Now, not even your complete lack of self-control can stand in your way.

Your Playlist

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I can’t study in silence either, but who knew a dance party to Red- Taylor’s Version is a form of procrastination?

Researchers have debated since the 90s whether music is beneficial to studying. Whilst there still isn’t a particularly definitive answer – music with lyrics is said to be more distracting than music without.

Make a special playlist with instrumental songs, classical music or white noise for when you work. This may not be what you typically listen to, but it’s more likely to keep you engaged.

Make sure procrastination doesn’t keep you from studying this term by trying out these tips. See how much more work you get done and you’ll never go back.

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