Six TV Shows That Will Make You Feel Better About Graduating
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Six TV Shows That Will Make You Feel Better About Graduating

Jessica Hamilton February 26, 2022

Graduating university can be similar to a quarter-life crisis. Feeling like you should have everything figured out and knowing you don’t. It’s a scary and uncertain time at best. So what better way to ease your worries than watching people go through the same things? Here are some TV shows you can watch that will make you feel better about your current situation.

Broad City 

Broad City follows two women trying to navigate adulthood in New York. A genius show that makes even the most drab aspects of life hysterically funny. Abi and Ilana are two of the most relatable characters on television; showing young women you can be uncertain AND empowered. Watching will guarantee to make your ribs sore even on your worst days. 

New Girl

After a breakup, Jess Day decided to move into an apartment with three men she met on craigslist. Her life’s turned up-side down and we see how much unlikely friendships have to offer. The show follows the group as they try to handle what life throws at them. Unfortunate situations and awkward scenarios are a given in every episode. And we’re shown just how ridiculous life can be. You probably won’t be able to decide who your favourite character is, and like each of them despite their many obvious flaws.


Friends is a perfect comfort show, and it’s popular for a reason. Although criticised for being outdated, a lot of their story-lines will be relevant for recent graduates; especially for those who are not where they thought they would be. The show tackles tricky relationship problems and the realities of working life. It will make you feel better on your bad days by reminding you life, although tough, is a journey. And with a good group of friends by your side, you can get through anything.

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How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby narrates the show, telling his children the long and harrowing journey of how he met their mother. He reminisces on life in his early twenties, with his group of friends all in different stages of their life. The group face lots of setbacks but it keeps us hopeful that the universe is on our side. Most importantly, it confirms everything turns out alright in the end.

Sex and the City 

Granted, some of the Sex and the City episodes are not compatible with a modern audience. The show is so problematic it becomes almost ridiculous. Although it got a lot of things wrong, we can still take away some important messages from the show; mainly that life does not end at 30! It shows young women you can be empowered and fulfilled at any age. While it is a show about sex and relationships, it stresses how important friendships are. 

The Golden Girls 

The Golden Girls follows a group of divorced/widowed women who live together. It’s a wonderful watch and has aged well. A comical and comforting series to anyone stressed about the passing of time.

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