TV Shows We Need Back On Our Screens
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TV Shows We Need Back On Our Screens

Today we have an endless amount of options when it comes to TV series. However this does not mean that some series should be left in the past. Read on to see some series I think are deserving of a comeback. 

Beautiful People

Beautiful People is a British comedy drama TV series based on the memoirs of Simon Doonan, the creative director of Barneys. The series aired on BBC Two and ran for two seasons (although it deserved many more!).

The series follows fourteen-year-old Simon Doonan and his best friend Kylie as they aspire to leave their dull suburban lives in exchange for an exciting life in London with ‘beautiful people’. Although the characters’ sexuality is only addressed in the second season, the experiences of being gay in a suburban area are covered regardless in both seasons. 

Beautiful People has an array of musical numbers with my favourite being the medley that included the legendary song Tomorrow from the musical Annie. 

Back in 2008 Grace Dent from The Guardian described Beautiful People as “camp” and said it “made [her] laugh more than anything [she] had seen so far on TV this year”. 

Lately, people are finally loving and appreciating shows with LGBTQ+ storylines. It’s a Sin, Sex Education and Pose are all perfect examples of this. Therefore, we know that Beautiful People would likely be received very well. 

There has never been a better time for a reboot of the show.  

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents last aired in 2015. The TV series followed groups in their late teens and early twenties as they went on their first holiday with their friends.

These groups were led to believe that they would be escaping their parents on this holiday, being free to do whatever people usually do on their ‘lads’ and ‘girls’ holiday. Instead, their parents were following them around and seeing everything they got up to. Awkward… 

If you are a lover of reality series that are entertaining, dramatic and awkward, then this series would have been for you. I am manifesting it comes back to us soon.  

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Trapped! was a children’s game show set in a dark tower. The aim of the game is to escape – if only it was as simple as that. Today it shares many similarities with the popular online multiplayer game Among Us. 

The tower is made up of six floors, each having its own unique challenge. Each contestant wears an earpiece which at the beginning of each challenge will inform one contestant that they are the saboteur. Their mission is to sabotage the challenge without the other contestants knowing. If the team wins, the saboteur stays trapped on that floor. If the saboteur wins, the contestants must vote for who they think the saboteur was. That person then stays trapped. 

The final two contestants compete in a timed quiz titled ‘The Fight for Freedom’ which tests their knowledge of the events that have occurred during the game. The one with the most questions answered correctly wins the key of freedom and escapes the tower. 

I believe Trapped! would do amazingly on TV today if it were restructured to include older contestants and perhaps slightly harder challenges. This model of team challenges including saboteurs has already proven popular in online multiplayer communities so let’s bring it back to TV!

Release the Hounds

Release the Hounds is an ITV2 game show which aired from October 2013 to February 2018. Think I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! but instead of creepy crawlies, there are horror themed challenges. Yikes!

The contestants complete these scary challenges in order to obtain keys. These keys then open chests which contain money. In order to keep the cash prize, contestants must face the final challenge – dogs. Not the kind you see in a BuzzFeed celebrity puppy interview, these are big, fast dogs which the contestants must escape in order to keep the cash prize. 

The TV series has also had a celebrity spin-off series which sees the celebrities do the exact same as the contestants in the original series and have to escape the hounds in order to win money for their chosen charity. 

Release the Hounds is the ultimate adrenaline booster for both contestants and viewers. It’s basically a fact that game shows are enjoyable to watch with family and friends, therefore another one on our screens is always a welcome addition!

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