Twitter Problems Continue With 'Uh, Oh, An Error Was Encountered'
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Twitter Problems Continue As 'Uh, Oh, An Error Was Encountered' Messages Cause Issues

Vincent Ralph March 30, 2022

A number of Twitter users are encountering problems with the site, as the infamous ‘Uh, oh, an error was encountered’ message pops up.

Many of those impacted – myself included – cannot access replies to tweets or see their own tweets in their profile. There are also problems seeing replies to other people’s tweets. Whenever you click on a tweet to see how others have responded, you are greeted with the error message. So what’s the problem?

It seems there is a global issue with Twitter that first started shortly before 10:00pm EDT. Since then, users across the globe have – ironically – taken to the social media platform to express their frustration.

Can you solve the problem manually?

You could try the old off-and-on-again tactic. Some users have reported that this has done the trick. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

Other potential solutions involve logging in and out again (if you can remember your password) or deleting the Twitter app altogether and heading back to the App Store.

Of course, these potential fixes take time and there is no guarantee they will work. Instead, it may be best to sit back and wait for Twitter to solve things from their end.

Unfortunately, heading to Twitter’s official account or their engineering account only sees the same message pop up.

Can you still see tweets?

Tweets are still showing on my feed, which means others are managing to send them. But, when you then head to that person’s account, the same tweet isn’t showing. Nor are the replies.

Seeing what others are saying about any given tweet is half the fun of the platform. So we can only hope the issue is resolved soon.

Given how busy Twitter has been with post-Oscar stories, one can only be glad it waited until Tuesday to go down. But we can’t wait for it to be up again.

In the meantime, why not grab that book you’ve been waiting to read. Or maybe check out some other articles here until the Twitter problems are resolved.

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