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Twitter Reacts To 'Hilarious' Anti-Cheating Hats Worn By Students In The Philippines

Ella Kipling October 24, 2022

Students in the Philippines have gone viral after their “anti-cheating hats” had the internet in fits of laughter, providing the perfect antidote to exam nerves.

The pictures, which show students with a range of different, and increasingly obscure, pieces of headgear are from a college in Legazpi City. The aim of the strange hats was to reduce cheating during mid-term exams.

Their tutor, Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz, told the BBC that she had been looking for a fun way to ensure ‘integrity and honesty’ in her class.

Students in the Philippines go viral for hilarious “anti-cheating hats”

Inspired by a technique used several years ago by students in Thailand, Mandane-Ortiz asked her students to make a simple design out of paper which would stop them looking at their classmates’ papers.

However, the students took things to the next level, and the viral photographs show some of them with egg boxes on their head, while others wore animal masks and motorbike helmets. One student even stuck paper tubes to their eyes, quite literally giving new meaning to tunnel vision.

The students’ creativity ended up being ‘really effective,’ their tutor explained.

People around the world have reacted to the hats, with one professor tweeting: “Will be adding this to the next Exam Board Meeting agenda.”

Another said: “My favourite story of the day. Insane but clearly giving ⁦@slipknot⁩ a run for their money.”

Meanwhile, one confused woman called it one of the “strangest education stories [she has] ever heard.”

Twitter reacts to ‘anti-cheating hats’

Following the pictures of the students in the anti-cheating hats, people took to Twitter to react to the story and share their own hilarious memes on the topic. The internet can’t get enough of the students’ creativity and innovative thinking, and people are picking their favourite anti-cheating hats from the photos.

It appears that this student raided their fridge for their hat:

We’re not too sure what lollipops have to do with exams:

This person’s response to the pictures has us dying of laughter:

These hats just don’t have the same creative flair, unfortunately:

How hard can it be to take an exam with a box on your head?

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