Two Anti-Monarchy Protestors Have Been Arrested Across the UK
King Charles III Visits Westminster Hall in London
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Anti-Monarchy Protestors Have Been Arrested Across the UK

Caitlin Hart September 13, 2022

As reported by the BBC, anti-monarchy protestors were arrested across the UK at ceremonies for the proclamation of King Charles III.

The first occurred in Edinburgh City Centre on Sunday, where a 22-year-old woman entered the crowd holding a sign reading “F*** Imperialism, Abolish the Monarchy”. Officers removed the woman and the crowd surrounding her cheered. It was later confirmed that she was arrested ‘in connection with a breach of the peace.’

British political journalist, Andrew Marr, criticised the arrest on Good Morning Britain (12 September 2022).

Marr said: ‘I think that is outrageous. We are a democratic country. We are an open disputatious country where we can say what is on our minds and I don’t believe for a moment that this is what the new king would have wanted.

‘In fact, I would bet a lot of money that the new king is equally alarmed and upset by the fact that protestors are being arrested.’

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Where did the second arrest occur?

The second arrest occurred in Oxford where Symon Hill, 45 was arrested Public Order Act for alleged behaviour causing “harassment, alarm or distress”.

Hill spoke to The Independent about the incident, in which he shouted ‘Who elected him?’ when Charles III was declared king.

He told The Independent: ‘I remained quiet in the first part of the proclamation, concerning the death of Elizabeth. I doubt most of the people in the crowd even heard me. Two or three people near me told me to shut up. I didn’t insult them or attack them personally, but responded by saying that a head of state was being imposed on us without our consent.’

Initially security guards told Hill to be quiet before police officers arrested and handcuffed him. Hill said: “The police abused their powers to arrest someone who voiced some mild opposition to a head of state being appointed undemocratically.”

A statement from Thames Valley Police said: ‘A 45-year-old man was arrested in connection with a disturbance that was caused during the county proclamation ceremony of King Charles III in Oxford.

‘He has subsequently been de-arrested and is engaging with us voluntarily as we investigate a public order offence.’

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